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Using your AirAsia X travel vouchers

November 8, 20232 minute read
AirAsia X travel vouchers, Melbourne-Avalon,Avalon Airport International

When AirAsia X (AAX) went into hibernation as Malaysia closed the international borders in March 2020, everyone who had upcoming international flights had to cancel their plans. As a fully international airline, AAX was hit by an immediate stoppage of all passenger flights and a restructure of the airline was necessary to get back on their feet. Many travellers were not confident they’d get their money back, but the airline has honoured their promises and began issuing AirAsia X travel vouchers for the full value after this was announced at the end of April 2022. All affected passengers should have received their vouchers by June/July 2022. They are valid for 5 years. This article was originally published 8th June 2022.

Using your AirAsia X travel vouchers (UPDATED)

While much of the following still applies, the process has been refined and the airline is making it easier to find and book flights where you can use your vouchers. They’re outlined the process in this handy info page.

Your should receive an email to your registered address, so make sure you keep this safe, as the voucher code is in the email. It doesn’t go into your AirAsia Account Credit, as it’s specific to AAX, so keep this email handy so you can use the code when you make your booking.

The email also includes the steps necessary for using your AirAsia X (AAX) travel vouchers which have been credited into your airasia rewards account. Your travel voucher is valid for five  years from the date of issue and can be used to book future travel on AAX Malaysia (flight code D7) flights.

The steps involved

You may use the travel voucher as outlined below. As at November 2023, most AirAsia X routes have been restored, although the number of flights per week may have changed. They have also added new routes.  You have 5 years to use your vouchers. 

AirAsia X travel vouchers




AirAsia X travel vouchersOther things to know:

If your voucher exceeds the value of your flight booking, the unused credit will be retained in your account for your future use. If your voucher is less than the cost of your future booking, you simply pay the difference.

For the FAQs, please refer here and you’ll also need to read the full terms and conditions.

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Flight D7200 over the Gold Coast
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This Post Has 36 Comments

  1. why they available only with D7 flight? my fly ca use only code it mean that i cant use it until expire date cos it that fly code d7 not operate in my country .can anyone tell me how to do it .airasia operate only code ak im my country (cambodia)

    1. AirAsia X vouchers are for credit you have with AirAsia X. You must have had a booking you were unable to use before the Covid pandemic. AirAsia X (code D7) is a different company from AirAsia (AK) although they are both part of the AirAsia Group. That’s why you need to use the voucher for D7 flights. You do actually have 5 years validity on this voucher, so as more flight routes are brought back, you may see somewhere you want to travel.
      Hope this helps.

    2. This travel voucher is really an expensive joke. I had USD 1,800. They convert my ticket from sub- tokyo with this voucher.
      I live in Indonesia, but this voucher only from KL departure. Also only for base price, baggage, etc can’t be covered. This is really joke. I already contact all that I can, but useless. Anyone can help me with this.

      1. Is this an AirAsia X travel voucher? Or a travel credit that can also be used for AirAsia? And is for one person or multiple? The conditions of the AirAsia X restructure were fairly specific and there are links in the story that you can follow for more information. The airline has assured customers that “Does the trip have to originate from KL? No, as long as it is booked under AirAsia X flights (Flight Code D7)“. – see the reply below. We also have vouchers to use, but are waiting until the routes we want are available, so we do understand. This is why there is quite a long time frame for usage.

        1. Setelah mencoba berkali-kali untuk bbrp jurusan AAX, akhirnya saua berhasil menggunakan voucher ini untuk jurusan KL-shanghai pp. Walaupun tidak dapat digunakan 100%, sekitar 70% harga tiket yang dicover voucher. Saat saya mencoba menggunakan sisa voucher untuk pembelian add on bagasi dll, voucher tersebut tidak dapat digunakan (muncul catatan untuk login ID member padahal saya sudah login).

          1. This is the page which explains the use of the voucher:
            The page clearly states “If your voucher exceeds the value of your airfare, the unused credit will be retained in your account for future use. If your voucher limit is less than the cost of your airfare, you can simply pay the difference.”, so you should be able to use your balance for your add-ons. If it asks for your login ID, enter it, even if you are logged in, and if that doesn’t work, click on the ‘Chat with Bo’ icon. They are currently improving this chat so give that a try. Good luck. We’ll be happy for you to share your results here.

  2. When is Melbourne coming on board, this is a joke, Paid for these so not like they are a free voucher, but they are useless and I cant use them.

    1. Hi Jason,
      They are accepting bookings for flights from November which was announced in July, They will be flying through Tullamarine though. You will notice though that underneath the dates available, there’s a little red triangle with an !, which says “Flight is subject to obtaining government approval”. That would be from the Oz side. I’ve checked with AirAsia and they say the approvals are progressing and it should be nicely in place by then. Demand is also reduced because a lot of non-Australians are having trouble getting their visas approved. There seems to be a big backlog. This is affecting other carriers as well.

      1. I have been trying the same thing until now and I am still can’t use the voucher to get the D7 flight weather from KL to Melbourne or Melbourne to KL!! This is ridiculous.

          1. hi lesley. i just realized only limited seat for redemption of travel voucher, ,may i know how to choose the date of flight which can redempt ?? is need one by one to click then know this ?

          2. Sadly, that’s what we have to do. We did suggest that they might identify which flights have the redemption seats available, but so far, no news.

            An update: I have been assured that all flights do have redemption seats available, except in blackout periods. We’ve also seen this with full fare airlines, as people try to use the flight credits they’ve been unable to use over the lockdowns. As with all airlines, the number of these seats available on each flight are limited and generally go quickly, so the earlier you book, the better.

  3. I haven’t received travel vouchers,have initiated 2 cases with air Asia,they are still las new after 2 months,are these just a scam?
    The credits were canceled July 10 and no vouchers issued.

    1. Did you register with AirAsia X last year, when they asked all those holding unused tickets, to do so? Even if you didn’t, you should have been listed somewhere as a creditor, though maybe further down the pile. It’s not a scam, we received our vouchers within a week or two after they were approved, though we haven’t used them yet, we’re waiting for Gold Coast to come back to the network. Credits do expire, However they can be used for purchases in the shop, for food etc, though that’s only useful if you’re in Malaysia. I’d suggest if you have already contacted AAX /AirAsia, to sort this out and it remains unresolved, you could contact MAVCOM, the aviation authority.

  4. Tried booking an Air Asia X (D7) flight from SYD to KUL with my issued travel voucher that far exceeded the cost of the flight, but was surprised to learn that the credit in the travel voucher can only be used to pay for the base fare portion of the flight cost! Total flight cost was 438 AUD but I could only use 184.25 AUD (the base fare without all the airport taxes and fees) of travel voucher credit! What a rip-off and scam!

    And it appears in not the only one to discover this issue:

    1. This is the same as the original conditions of the Unlimited Pass, which could be used for multiple flights. (except everything shut down before anyone could use them) The taxes still had to be paid. The taxes aren’t going to the airline, they just collect them from passengers and pass them on to the relevant authorities. This is the same as when a traveller on any airline uses reward points to book flights, they pay the taxes. Out of Australia, these are quite high. I have had a similar experience flying out of Australia. Sydney is also quite an expensive airport to fly from. You can see a breakdown of the fees on the fare calculation panel on the right of the screen.
      The difference between a voucher and a credit account is that the voucher can be used once, whereas a credit account has a stated amount, which can be used for anything, including, in the case of AirAsia, food, rides or any other service they offer.

  5. Hi , Im trying to book a flight using the voucher from Melbourne to Huderabad which includes a D7 flight.
    However, for any day I try , Im getting a standard message “This voucher maynot be used for this flight The flight you have selected may have reached its limit for voucher redemption”.

    can you please help me

    1. If you’re trying to book this as a fly-thru, that may be the problem as KL to Hyderabad is an AK flight. Have you also tried to book both legs separately, using the voucher for just the Melbourne KL sector? If that’s still giving you the same message, it would be because there’s a lot of competition to use the vouchers at the moment, since it’s high season for travel. But if you can give me a couple of days (since it’s the weekend), I’ll check this with my friends at AirAsia and see if they can give an answer.

    1. You should have received it months ago, sent to your registered email address. All claimants who registered their claims by the due date (mid 2021), received them quickly. The company did pledge to honour all, including unregistered claims, although these would be after the registered claims. You’ll need to contact them directly to check the status.

  6. Thanks Lesley , Im happy atleast someone is responding .
    Yes , I have tried booking a KL to Hyd and KL to DELHI separately since those were AAX flights – No luck .
    Used different dates –> No luck .
    At least if AirAsia comes up with marked dates on when I can use this voucher, that’d be really helpful.

    1. Hi again,
      I’ve had a reply from AirAsia and also a thank you for your suggestion about having marked dates, which they’ll pass on to the relevant department.
      These are the questions and their responses:
      Can the voucher be used for a one way flight? Yes

      Does the trip have to originate from KL? No, as long as it is booked under AirAsia X flights (Flight Code D7)

      Can the voucher be used for flights that have a AirAsia leg included in the itinerary? No, only for AirAsia X flights (Flight Code D7)

      Is the voucher available for fly-thru flights – e.g. Melbourne to Delhi? Yes, as long as it is booked under AirAsia X flights (Flight Code D7).

  7. Finally, Can these travel vouchers be used only for the booking person (me)? I booked these for my children studying overseas and I was not a traveling member in those three vouchers!!!

  8. I have three travel vouchers for over A$1000. They could not be used on KUL-SYD Return in Dec-Jan 2023 flights as my son wants to travel. I tried One-way KUL-SYD it accepted but only partially on all three vouchers. I still had to pay for the remaining balance and when I filled up my Credit card details and clicked Purchase. It gave a message as “Invalid Vouchers”. WHY? It accepted them already.

    1. Hi,
      I understand your frustration, but as I can’t give you a definitive answer, I’ve contacted AirAsia and hope to get a response ASAP, which I’ll share here.

  9. I think these travel vouchers can be booked for flights originating from Kuala Lumpur only. That’s what the FAQ documents says Available Routes (from Kuala Lumpur). If you want to book for a flight from Syd-Kul these vouchers will not work although initially it was booked for flights from Syd-Kul-Syd…but vouchers are kind of given and taken away!

    1. I’m still waiting on the reply from AirAsia, but it is Sunday, so maybe tomorrow. However, if you check one of the earlier responses, they did say that “Does the trip have to originate from KL? No, as long as it is booked under AirAsia X flights (Flight Code D7)“.

  10. I spent two entire days searching for a flight that would allow me to use some of my four thousand dollars of voucher. I may be wrong but I finally got a flight because I changed my destination from Penang to Kuala Lumpur. I used credits for the ongoing domestic flights, they have already cancelled one domestic flight (in June) and I’ve had to reschedule.

    What is annoying is that you have to go through the entire on line booking process before you know whether you can use the voucher. Furthermore I booked flatbed in 2020 but not permitted to use my voucher on anything other than the economy base fare. T and Cs were that if your flight was cancelled by AAX you would get same for same at a later time. The claim that credit customers would be given priority has proven to be an empty promise. Estimate eight return flights to recoup my voucher.

    1. Hi Phil,
      Thanks for your feedback. I passed this straight on to my contacts in AAX and got a quick reply. They’re aware of this and appreciate the feedback (I’ve also brought it up before this) and they’re working to resolve the issues. My contact tells me they should be able to announce something soon, which we’ll share straight away. He also says they’ve now fixed the Flatbed issue, and you can now use the travel voucher to book it. Please let me know if you still have problems.

  11. Now this page is not working
    It doesn’t show any of the choices. Can you tell them to fix this as I can’t reach any human to talk about this?

    It is really frustrating to only allow certain limited destinations and only cover base fare only. We still haven’t got money back from last bookings and still have to fork out more money in order to use the voucher? Ridiculous.

    Not a good long term plan to keep customers loyal to the airline.

    1. Thanks Nopnida, for flagging this issue. I’ve contacted AirAsia and they are aware of the issue and are working to fix it as soon as possible. They very much appreciate your feedback.
      UPDATED 3pm 9th Jan – It’s fixed and seems to be working nicely again. Good luck.

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