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KLIA Ekspres, transfer options,payWave

KLIA Ekspres extends Visa payWave Promotion

by Lesleyon April 29, 2018
KLIA Ekspress have extended their Visa payWave promo until the end of September 2018. Good savings on tickets, both ways to and from the airport.
5th birthday

Malindo Air celebrates 5th birthday on first route

by Lesleyon March 23, 2018
Malindo Air's 5th Birthday party was an in-flight celebration, with gifts and surprises for lucky passengers.
Malindo Air Phuket - Kuala Lumpur,5th anniversary

Malindo Air celebrates 5th anniversary with promo seats

by Lesleyon March 19, 2018
It's Malindo Air's 5th anniversary and they've got some good fare prices on offer across their entire network.

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Malindo Air deals from Australia

by Lesleyon February 19, 2018
Malindo Air offers Strike Out deals from Australia, with up to 30% off fares to selected destinations.
Kuala Lumpur / Davao

Kuala Lumpur / Davao : new from AirAsia

by Lesleyon February 2, 2018
Kuala Lumpur / Davao direct flights are the latest offering from AirAsia. They come with special introductory fares.
Million Seat Sale

Malindo Air Million Seat Sale 2018

by Lesleyon January 23, 2018
Malindo Air launches their Million Seat Sale with some great offers across the network. They're not just out of Malaysia either.

Surabaya,MATF2017,New Year Sale 2018

Malaysia Airlines New Year Sale 2018

by Lesleyon January 10, 2018
The Malaysia Airlines New Year Sale 2018 has a selection f great offers across Asia, the sub continent and Australasia.
Scoot off

Scoot off this Tuesday with great flash offers

by Lesleyon January 9, 2018
Scoot off somewhere until 25th May with 28 destinations to choose from, by 13th Jan 18.