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Malindo Air revises free baggage allowance

November 22, 20172 minute read
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The Malindo Air baggage allowance for economy passengers has been revised from 19th June 2019. Upward revisions have been made, affecting Value, Flexi and Shuttle ticket holders on both Boeing and ATR services. Economy Flexi and Shuttle (ATR) ticket holders will have an allowance of 30kg. Economy Value ticket holders can now check-in 20kg baggage. These changes are applicable to Malindo Air operated flights only.

Malindo Air baggage allowance: details

The baggage allowance for Economy Class passengers was first revised across the entire Malindo Air network from 1st December 2017. Further changes have been made for bookings made from 15th February 2019 onwards following the new tier pricing shown below.

Domestic & International Flights (BOEING)

FLEXI: 30KG (excluding DAC remains at 35KG)
VALUE: 20KG (excluding DAC remains at 35KG)
SUPER SAVER: No baggage allowances

Domestic & International Flights (ATR)

SUPER SAVER: No baggage allowances

  • This includes Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Amritsar (ATQ) & Delhi (DEL) for both inbound and outbound segments.
  • Free baggage allowance for Dhaka (DAC) remains at 35KG.
  • The free baggage for ATR 72 flights will remain at 15KG.

Passengers may check-in more than two pieces of luggage, with total weight within the permitted free allocation. However, any request made at the airport. beyond the maximum allowed allowance is subject to excess baggage charges.

Capping of Allowance

With effect from 27th March 2018, Malindo Air will set a capping of total baggage allowance (free baggage + prepaid baggage) for ease of operational requirement.

  • For Boeing flights:
    • All routes except Dhaka (DAC): 50 KG (25 KG free baggage + 25 KG prepaid baggage)
    • Dhaka (DAC): 55 KG (35 KG free baggage + 20 KG prepaid baggage)

For ATR operations: The maximum allowed prepaid baggage allowance applies to all routes: 35 KG (15 KG free baggage + 20 KG prepaid baggage)

For codeshare and interline flights, including Batik Air (ID), Lion Air (JT), Wings Air (IW), Thai Lion Air (SL) and Turkish Airlines (TK), the maximum baggage allowance per passenger follows the operating carrier’s requirement.

More information – check the Malindo Air website. Malindo Air has added a new Business Fare tier from August 2019.

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This Post Has 43 Comments

  1. Be clear: how much luggage checked in can we have? Two people traveling together on the same ticket?

    How much carry on can we bring?
    Is it measured by bag or total weight?

    1. Hi,
      Each economy class passenger has an allowance of 25kg each of checked baggage, regardless of the number of items. The accepted practice is Malaysia is that passengers travelling on the same ticket may combine their allowances. Your carry-on is calculated both by size and weight (7kg). You may have two pieces. Baby strollers and wheelchairs are carried free of charge, but you need to get them tagged at check-in. Full baggage information can be found here:
      Hope this helps.
      ** Remember, most airlines don’t like you to make any one bag too heavy, for health & safety reasons. 25kg per bag is usually OK.

      1. Hello does malindo have reatriction on the size of a checked in bagggage my card box box contauns a dismantled table meaauring 31 inch × 31 inch × 3 inch measuing to 75 inch is this allowed as checked in baggage

          1. Hi Rajju,
            You may have to check it in as ‘oversized’. They will tell you what to do. Don’t panic when you don’t see it on the carousel at the destination, it will probably be at the oversize baggage place there.

  2. Hello, we are flying from depansar (Bali) to Brisbane (Australia). I know for the check in bagage it’s maximum 25kg/pax. We have 2 surfboards in 1 bag (8.5ft) and 2 backpacks. all together it wont be more than 50kg, but is it ok that the board bag is 3 meter? And also, do we need to do anything special for this or is it normal check-in? Thank you.

    1. Hi, There is an oversize baggage counter, but you’ll need to take your surfboards to the normal check-in counter first to be tagged then drop them at the oversize counter. The check-in people will direct you. Just a couple of cautions: Because the boards are long ones, there may be a sporting goods fee, although this is not automatic. It might also be a good idea to call the airline to check that the aircraft can actually fit the board, as they use a Boeing 737.

  3. I bought my ticket before you changed baggage allowance.It says 30kg on it.Do I get the new total allowance of 32 kg andwhere can I purchase extra kg for my flight on Wednesday 2 nd May to Brisbane.Thankyou

    1. Hi Rachel, I’m assuming you’ve already booked your ticket and want to add more luggage allowance. I couldn’t find it either, so checked with Malindo Air, who replied speedily: “Passengers who have booked their tickets can go to “Manage Booking” (on the landing page, below the main banner) to make changes to their booking. Otherwise, they can contact our customer care line or reach out to our ticketing office to assist them.”
      I hope this helps.
      Basically, it’s just confirming that they don’t have a page detailing the rates with a link. You’ll get this information when you have a booking number to enter through ‘Manage my booking’.

  4. Hi

    I would like to fly from Bali to Brisbane with Malindo air.
    We are cycling around the world and are 3 people, we have 3 bicycles and 4 surfboards in 2 bags (6’0) and one bodyboard bag.

    Can we fly with all this with malindo?
    If so what would the extra costs be?

    Thank you very much,

    1. You should be able to take them with you, but as for the charges and any packing guidelines, please contact the airline directly. They have these two email addresses that should also be helpful:
      Baggage Services
      +6010 288 8741
      Email: [email protected]
      Operating Hours : Daily 8am – 10pm

      and their general care line in Malaysia:
      Customer Care Centre
      +603 – 7841 5388
      Operating Hours: 8am – 10pm (GMT+8)
      Monday to Sunday
      Email: [email protected]

  5. Good PM,
    We (Mohammad rayan Macagaan, Fahad Radiamoda and Hanif Radiamoda) have an inquiry because we purchased ticket from manila to kuala lumpur to lahore via KIWI.COM on September 19, 2018 and we would like to ask if we have free checked in baggage. Hoping for your immediate reply. Thank you so much

    1. Hi,
      As per the advice given in the article each passenger will receive a free baggage allowance of 25kg.
      If you need more, this may be purchased as per the Malindo Air guidelines.
      Have a great flight.

  6. Hi i am planning to fly from SG-KL on 26/10:18 and return from KL-SG on 10/11/18,i am buying economy class seat, may i find out what is the free check in baggage allowance for each way? Thanks.

    1. As this flight uses their Boeing 737 aircraft, you have a free baggage allowance of 25kg each way, with the option to pre-purchase up to 25kg more.

  7. hi,i’m planning to fly from 2 nd april .I am buying economy class seat, may i find out what is the free check in baggage allowance .
    and how much charge of extra luggage per kg.

    1. Hi, You can carry a maximum of 50 KG (25 KG free baggage + 25 KG prepaid baggage). The charges for the extra are listed on their website. It is advisable to pre-purchase if you will have more than 25kg, as excess baggage is charged at a much higher rate at the airport.

  8. I have booked malindo airlines for travelling COK to Bali on April 2nd 2019 ,but in the baggage policy it shows
    0 Pc checkin and 7kg cabin .
    How many weight i can carry ?

    1. Hi Vishnu, Looks like you may have booked the Super saver ticket, if you made the booking in the past month since mid February 2019. (SUPER SAVER: No baggage allowances.) These tickets are usually significantly cheaper than the others and they also won’t include a meal. You can, however, go in to manage your booking and purchase some baggage, which should still cost you less that the higher fare levels. You can also purchase food on board.

    1. If you are within your weight allowance, there should be no problem. We’ve done it before. You get 7kg carry-on allowance, regardless of your fare type..

  9. Hi,
    I want to purchase a ticket from KUL to Bali, however I’m guessing it is a super saver since it says no free baggage allowed. I’m just wondering if that means we can’t have the checked in baggage for free either; 7kg + Laptop bag

    1. Please check your itinerary. The amount of baggage will depend on the type of ticket and when you purchased it. Tickets purchased before the baggage allowance changed, stay as they were when you made the booking.

  10. EDITOR’S NOTE: Please do not use comments to request information about your specific baggage allowance on your booking – we are not airline representatives. Please refer to our article for general information and check your itinerary for your allowance. If you want to check or alter your baggage allowance, contact the airline directly. Any requests placed in the comments will be deleted.

    1. Hi,
      Your baggage allowance depends on your fare class – how much you paid for your ticket. The only type with no free baggage allowance is Super Savers. You will still get your 7kg hand carry allowance for all types of ticket.

  11. hello, im travelling from bdo to kul and i purchased the super savers ticket..
    which means no baggage allowance…
    Is the 7kg hand carry included in the ‘no baggage’ policy??

  12. Hi Leslie, I’m booking a Malindo Flight via Expedia to Kolkata from Perth which says ‘baggage not included’. Is this correct? If it is, how much am I expected to pay for a checked bag weighing 15 kgs. Thanks Mike

    1. Hi Mike,
      The new fare groups give the option of a no checked baggage ticket, which is cheaper. However, they do have other options which include various allowances. I suggest you check the different fares available and compare the pricing with the cost of adding the baggage separately. The bundled pricing is usually cheaper than adding baggage later.

  13. I have come yo perth Australia from delhi on 11th july3019 by milando airways with my wife Raju dhar amd are leaving for delhi via kualampur on 30th September 2019.
    Kindly let me know how much checked in baggage is allowed.

    With regards
    vinay mattoo and Raju dhar

    1. Hi Vinay, Your baggage allowance depends on your fare grouping and when you booked, since they have made some changes recently. Please check your original booking receipt.

  14. Hi,

    I have purchased a ticket to Kuala Lumpur from Labuan, via Skyscanner. I need at least 20kg baggage, but the site never gave me an option to purchase. Where else can I purchase baggage?

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