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discover Melbourne

Discover Melbourne: a dozen new things to find

by Lesleyon March 11, 2019
Discover something new when you visit Melbourne, Australia. There are lots of little surprises round each corner whatever your taste.
in-flight food changes

Malindo Air in-flight food changes: more choices

by Lesleyon March 1, 2019
In-flight food changes on Malindo Air flights are a response to customer feedback and offer more choices to passengers.

Durians: 5 ways to choose, taste & enjoy

by Lesleyon May 3, 2018
Durian is grown across much of South East Asia and is a popular treat in a wider area. Find out how you can join the durian fans.

Best of Malaysia

Malaysia Airlines new menu features the Best of Malaysia

by Lesleyon January 25, 2018
Best of Malaysia food features in Malaysia Airlines' new menu, part of the airlines brand refresh.
Kung Pao Chicken

Enjoy Szechuan Kung Pao Chicken on your AirAsia flight

by Lesleyon October 12, 2017
Kung Pao Chicken is the latest addition to the AirAsia Santan menu.
Lil’ Star Combo

Kids eat free for launch of new AirAsia meals

by Lesleyon September 21, 2017
Lil’ Star Combo is AirAsia's latest inflight menu offering. This time it's specially for the youngsters and is based on feedback from passengers.

interesting discoveries, Kansai

Visit Japan: 10 really useful things to know

by Lesleyon September 17, 2017
Our interesting and useful discoveries helped us make a list of ten really useful things to know when visiting Japan.
Tigerair Australia Tiger Bites in-flight menu, Winter-menu-2017

Tigerair Australia launches 2017 Winter Menu

by Brianon June 19, 2017
On your next Tigerair Australia flight, look out for some changes in your Tiger Bites seasonal inflight menu offering “street eats at 30,000 feet”.