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Year-End Sale 2023, MATTA Fair 2022 Deals, Baggage Self-service Reporting,MHflypass ASEAN, MATTA Fair Deals,domestic Getaways 2022
November 29, 2023

Malaysia Airlines’ Year-End Sale 2023

Malaysia Airlines is holding their Year-End Sale 2023 until 11th December with great fares on offer for both local and overseas destinations.
Deepavali With AirAsia
November 15, 2023

Celebrate Deepavali With AirAsia 2023

Celebrate Deepavali with AirAsia! This handy explainer shares the story behind the festival and how staff shared the fun in 2023.
AirAsia X Travel Vouchers, Melbourne-Avalon,Avalon Airport International
November 8, 2023

Using your AirAsia X travel vouchers

UPDATED: Eligible travellers have all received emails with their AirAsia X travel vouchers valid to use for 5 years from date of issue.
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