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AirAsia X travel credits now usable as flights resume

April 27, 20222 minute read
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AirAsia X travel credits are now redeemable as flights resume, and the airline honours its commitment to guests following restructuring. They have also confirmed that all affected guests can now use their credit account to book existing services, with immediate effect.

Using your AirAsia X travel credits

In a statement issued on 27th April 2022, confirmed that:

  • All those with unused credit with the airline will automatically receive a travel voucher
  • This will be issued within the next three months
  • The voucher may be used to book travel up to five years in advance
  • Bookings must be made via the registered airasia rewards account

In addition, those travellers affected by the restructuring process will also receive a one off payment of 0.5% of their unused travel credit on the first anniversary of the completion of the Debt Restructuring (March 2023), as well as a portion of AAX’s profits in the coming years.*

AirAsia X recently launched its first post-pandemic services from Kuala Lumpur to Sydney and last week flights took off again to New Delhi and Seoul. These services are now available for booking using a credit account or by reinstating any outstanding travel credit for travel before 30th June 2022. After the end of June, the outstanding travel credit or credit account will be automatically converted into travel vouchers and issued to guests in coming months, for booking future travel up to five years ahead.

…. We have always prioritised travel credits for our affected guests who have endured the long two years as we have. As an international airline, the past two years have been extremely challenging with borders around the world closed. We thank everyone affected for their understanding and patience as we have used the downtime in flying to rebuild the airline so that AAX can return stronger post-pandemic. AirAsia X CEO, Benyamin Ismail

Useful to note

As per the Explanatory Statement which was distributed to all Scheme Creditors (including affected guests) last year, the issuance of credits to guests affected by the Debt Restructuring is at the discretion of AAX management and are subject to terms and conditions.

*The portion of AAX profits in coming years are subject to the terms of the Profit Sharing Mechanism outlined in the Explanatory Statement 

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