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Qantas Q Streaming menu options

A guide to Q Streaming: Qantas wireless entertainment

by Brianon December 7, 2016
Q Streaming delivers in-flight entertainment on selected Qantas Boeing 737 aircraft. Charge your device and pack your headphones as we give it a road test.
Everyday Backpack

Everyday Backpack for the travelling photographer

by Lesleyon September 7, 2016
Are you looking for a camera bag that you can use even when you don't have your camera? Want a bag to carry your gear that doesn't advertise what's inside? This may be your answer....

New Camera strap designed to cut back strain

by Lesleyon July 19, 2016
Camera Lift Strap looks like a simple but effective way of reducing neck and back strain caused by carrying a heavy camera.

Travel in comfort – 3 tips to dress for your destination

by Lesleyon July 12, 2016
When you dress for your destination you can also save space and weight by packing what you actually need for your trip.
Lamzak Hangout

Take your seating with you – in a bag

by Lesleyon January 18, 2016
An air mattress without the bulk or trouble of inflating. Sounds like a gift!
baggage allowance

Make sure your bag arrives – keep an eye on that bag!

by Lesleyon January 13, 2016
Some tips to prevent tampering, or loss of your bag to thieves at the arrival carousel.


ProGo aims to revolutionise the Carry-on Backpack market

by Lesleyon January 10, 2016
This is the latest revolutionary carry-on bag that is a backpack and can be your camera carry-bag as well.
KAZbrella umbrella

Limited Kazbrella pre-orders available on Boxing Day 2015

by Lesleyon December 23, 2015
The KAZbrella is currently in production and a limited number of units will be available for pre-order. See when here.