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Hidden Airfare Charges,AirAsia Premium Red Lounge,Malaysian Airport Tax,Customer Happiness
May 24, 2019

No more hidden airfare charges in Malaysia

Hidden airfare charges can be a big shock when you find a 'cheap' fare that suits your budget, because they can 'bump up' the final price by a lot. No more for Malaysian bookings!
Travel Insurance,travel Insurance Claim,Typhoon Mangkhut
January 18, 2016

Two top travel tips for 2016

Top of our travel list is often getting the best fare and then looking for travel insurance. Here are a few tips to help you find both and why.
Finding The Best Fares
September 10, 2015

Air ticket sales? Finding the best prices

Finding the best fare when you're planning that special trip is important so you have more cash to spend when you are actually there. We offer a few tips on how to line up the best deal.
Kuala Lumpur To Christchurch
July 25, 2015

Get the best fare Kuala Lumpur to Christchurch and Dunedin

UPDATE: AirAsia now flies to Auckland via Gold Coast, worth a look. Many of the best places in New Zealand, like other popular world destinations, are sufficiently 'out of the way' that they don't have many direct flights and when they do they are expensive. Our ideas here can be applied in other similar situations to find the best flights.
Price Beat Guarantee
April 8, 2015

Jetstar Price Beat Guarantee – getting better or going?

Economy Traveller has used the Jetstar Price Beat Guarantee option on numerous occasions to get the best fare available on preferred flights - see our story HERE. However, we're lately left wondering if there's something in the wings as we've notice…

April 8, 2015

CELEBRA8 free flights with Firefly

In conjunction with Firefly's 8th Anniversary on 7th April, 2015, the airline is offering some goodies if you book by 9th April. With lots of new initiatives brought forward recently, including access to FPX real time online payment and new aircraft…

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