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AirAsia X is back

AirAsia X is back with new routes

by Lesleyon June 16, 2022
AirAsia X is back with favourite destinations as well as new routes which will be added as more aircraft return to service.
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Using your AirAsia X travel vouchers

by Lesleyon June 8, 2022
Travellers are now receiving emails with their AirAsia X travel vouchers - full value for cancelled bookings since March 2020.
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AirAsia X travel credits now usable as flights resume

by Lesleyon April 27, 2022
Travellers can now use their AirAsia X travel credits as the airline resumes flights to a growing number of destinations.

AirAsia X returns

AirAsia X returns to Seoul and New Delhi

by Lesleyon April 7, 2022
AirAsia X returns to Seoul and New Delhi as the airline gets back to business following a two year hiatus due to Covid-19.
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AirAsia X Sydney flights resume

by Lesleyon February 4, 2022
AirAsia X Sydney flights resume on Valentine's Day, celebrate on the way to Sydney on their first flight.
Kuala Lumpur-Sydney return flights

AirAsia X special Kuala Lumpur-Sydney return flights

by Lesleyon November 24, 2021
Special AirAsia X Kuala Lumpur-Sydney return flights on 2nd December will reunite family and friends before the year end holidays.

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AirAsia X clarifies passenger entitlements in reset

by Lesleyon November 15, 2021
AirAsia X clarifies that passenger entitlements will be honoured with travel credits, to be used for future flight ticket purchases when flights resume.
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AirAsia X reset: ready to fly again soon

by Lesleyon November 13, 2021
An AirAsia X reset is in the works after agreements reached with creditors. AAX passengers with unused bookings can now hope to receive travel credits.