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Airlines add extra flights & dates for elections

by Lesleyon April 19, 2018
Malaysian voters are scrambling to get home to vote and airlines are stepping up to put on extra services and upgrade aircraft to those with higher capacity.
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Malindo Air adds extra election flights

by Lesleyon April 17, 2018
Malindo Air has added extra election flights on domestic routes for the Malaysian Elections.
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AirAsia adds extra flights for Hari Raya Aidiladha

by Lesleyon July 13, 2017
AirAsia adds extra flights for Hari Raya Aidiladha and the long holiday weekend with offer prices on fares.

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Singapore Airlines increases Paris flights next winter

by Lesleyon June 13, 2017
Singapore Airlines offers increases in Paris flights to ten per week over the northern winter. Change of aircraft and more choice of timing.
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AirAsia offers special Hari Raya deals

by Lesleyon June 11, 2017
Hari Raya deals available this festive season for immediate travel, extra flights.
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Malaysia Airlines’ Mid-Year Marvels Sale 2017

by Lesleyon May 11, 2017
Malaysia Airlines brings back their Mid-Year Marvels offers in time for the upcoming festive season.

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AirAsia announce changes to cope with high travel demand

by Lesleyon April 18, 2017
High travel demand has brought a response form AirAsia on a number of routes, with a mix of aircraft upgrades, extra flights and new routes.
Melbourne services, Toowoomba to Townsville

Wellcamp Airport expands links to Sydney and Melbourne

by Lesleyon March 15, 2017
Melbourne services out of Wellcamp Airport will increase from May 2017, you can head to Sydney for VIVID or fly to Cairns for the winter.,, all from your local airport.