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Malaysia Airlines’ Check-in Counter changes at KLIA

August 5, 20192 minute read
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Malaysia Airlines has implemented some minor check-in counter changes at KLIA to streamline passenger movement. The changes are effective from 7th August 2019 and will benefit both Domestic and International passengers. The changes move International passengers to new check-in counters in Row H, separating them domestic passengers.

The move is very welcome as there have been many reports of passengers who have been stuck in long queues despite arriving with time to spare. If they were also caught in a long queue at Immigration, they risked being offloaded by their carrier. Recent changes in the Immigration queuing system have already alleviated bottlenecks at this point and are also welcomed.

Check-in counter changes

International Economy Class check-in and baggage drop-off will move to Row H at KLIA. Domestic Economy Class check-in and baggage drop-off will remain at Row B.

Business Suite and Business Class passengers for all International and Domestic flights continue to enjoy the dedicated check-in and baggage drop-off counters at Row D. Enrich Platinum and Gold members, as well as oneworld Emerald and Sapphire members also continue to use Row D.

The relocation is part of the airline’s initiative to help ease the congestion at KLIA’s Departure curbside especially during peak travel periods.

Malaysia Airlines check-in and baggage drop-off counter operations at KLIA as below:

[table style=”table-striped”]
Class Sector Current Effective 7 August 2019
Economy Domestic Rows B-C / Counter 1 to 18 Row B / Counter 1 to 18
(no change)
International Row H / Counter 1 to 18 (new)
Business Suite / Enrich Platinum / oneworld Emerald Domestic and International Row D / Counter 1, 3 and 5 Row D / Counter 1, 3 and 5
(no change)
Business / Enrich Gold / oneworld Sapphire Domestic and International Row D / Counter 8 to 17 Row D / Counter 8 to 17
(no change)

For convenience, passengers may use the following doors at Departures, KLIA to access the new check-in and baggage drop-off counters:

[table style=”table-striped”]
Class Sector Entrance
Economy Domestic Door 1 to 3
International Door 5 to 7
Business Suite / Business/ Enrich Platinum / Gold / oneworld Emerald / Sapphire Domestic and International Door 4

Fore more information, or to place a booking, please use the Malaysia Airlines website.

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