Changi Airport Terminal 4

Changi Airport Terminal 4 – new love affair?

by Lesleyon August 3, 2017
Changi Airport Terminal 4 is ready to open and it looks like travellers have plenty to look forward to when they pass through this brand new terminal.
sounds of travelling

The sounds of travelling well with Cathay Pacific

by Lesleyon July 27, 2017
The sounds of travelling well inspired Cathay Pacific to come up with a special song using those sounds, both familiar and new.

electronics restrictions

TRAVEL ALERT: US cabin electronics ban partially lifted

by Brianon July 6, 2017
The US cabin electronics ban has been partially lifted for inbound Middle East passengers, including those flying from Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Singapore Changi Airport T4 prepares for opening

by Lesleyon June 26, 2017
Changi Airport T4 is opening soon with final testing of all systems well under way. FAST technology will help passengers move smoothly through departure.

AirAsia A320 on tarmac,pontianak,move from Terminal 1 to the new Terminal 2

AirAsia moves to Terminal 2 in Da Nang, Vietnam

by Lesleyon May 12, 2017
AirAsia's move from Terminal 1 to the new Terminal 2 is effective immediately. Make sure you go the right terminal.

Enhanced security checks for Middle East flights bound for Australia

by Brianon April 6, 2017
Enhanced security checks are now in place for Australia-bound flights departing Doha, Abu Dhabi and Dubai following measures by the UK and US governments.

Melbourne services, Toowoomba to Townsville

Wellcamp Airport expands links to Sydney and Melbourne

by Lesleyon March 15, 2017
Melbourne services out of Wellcamp Airport will increase from May 2017, you can head to Sydney for VIVID or fly to Cairns for the winter.,, all from your local airport.

Sri Lanka airport runway renovation

Sri Lanka airport runway renovation flags changes

by Lesleyon January 11, 2017
Sri Lanka airport runway renovation is causing disruption to travel plans with cancelled and re-timed flights. Beat the crowds with these tips.