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What type of fare hunter are you?

May 29, 20174 minute read

Having analysed the results of 13.5 million flight searches on the website, our friends at Cheapflights have now completed the Cheapflights Compass 2017 report. Over the course of the study, the analysis has revealed some fascinating patterns. One such pattern identifies six different types of travel planner:

1. The thrifty searcher

These searchers know that in the midst of all the viral cat videos and ‘fake news’ articles, there are great deals to be found on the web. They’d happily search for hours to find the cheapest possible flights, and not be put off by a pesky stopover or inconvenient departure time. With more than 10 million hits on the Cheapflights website and app in a year, it’s fair to say there are plenty of bargain hunters in Australia!

2. The impatient traveller

The expression “it’s not the destination, but the journey” couldn’t be less true for these travellers. When it comes to flying, they are all about convenience and have no time for alternative routes or out-of-the-way airports. Annual leave days are precious after all, and rather than sitting in an airport, they prefer to fly direct to be on the beach, cocktail in hand ASAP. These searchers don’t want to fly in December, the most popular month to depart, when long queues and delays are almost a guarantee.

3. The logical booker

These calm and collected types know that sometimes you get what you pay for. Before making a purchase, they scour the web for reviews, peruse the T&Cs and spend hours researching and comparing airlines and destinations. They know it can pay dividends to shell out a bit more and that often the quickest option isn’t the most cost effective. They’ll always be able to tell you the best bargain, like swapping French Polynesia for New Caledonia to secure a tropical getaway, and major savings – more than $1,500 to be precise.

4. The impulsive purchaser

These busy folks will book a holiday at some point but they don’t put too much thought into the where and when. They know roughly what type of trip they’re looking for, and will jump when they see a deal. They know however, not to rely on airlines offering cheaper seats to fill planes last minute. Indeed, Cheapflights Compass data shows booking within one week of departure could cost travellers more, from a 22% premium for Trans-Tasman flights and 17% more for Asia Pacific, to 15% for long haul trips.

5. The fussy planner

We all know a travel complainer – one that is picky about their preferred airline, departure time and where they sit. Basically, they’re the people who make planning a group trip infuriating. However, being particular could save you big bucks. With Friday the most expensive day to depart, even flying out on Saturday morning could save you 8% for Trans-Tasman trips, and you’ll still get to your destination in time to enjoy the weekend.

6. The deal fiend

For these types of bookers, hunting isn’t really their forte. Their searching style could be described as more of a casual browsing anywhere, anytime they feel the urge. They’ll invest in finding the ideal trip but like to keep the search easy and nab the first deal they see – any saving is a good saving! And the majority of Aussies opt to search for flights on the go too, with more than 50% browsing on their smartphones.

Can you see yourself in any of the above? Thankfully this isn’t a self-help article… there’s nothing wrong with any of these, so long as you end up booking something! Here at Economy Traveller we’re great advocates of travelling by any means, so get those bags packed. There are places to be!

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