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Batik Air Malaysia extends fare benefits

May 14, 20242 minute read
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Since launching a comprehensive update of fare benefits including a ‘Zero Check-in Baggage’ option for ‘Super Saver’ fares for Domestic and ASEAN travellers, Batik Air has widened the choices.The airline has announced the extension of its ‘Economy Fares Family’ tiers for selected International routes (excluding Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Saudi Arabia).

Fare benefits: changes and schedules

Valid for bookings from 15th May 2024, for travel from 1st June 2024 onwards, this initiative aims to offer international travellers greater flexibility and affordability through an extended selection of fare options tailored to meet their preferences.

The revised fares also provide additional advantages for passengers purchasing a ‘Economy Flexi’ fare. Travellers will be allowed FREE UNLIMITED date changes with payment of fare difference. Purchase of a ‘Economy Value’ fare entitle the traveller to a FREE ONE-TIME date change with payment of fare difference. For ‘Economy Super-Saver’ fare, the change fee and fare differences will apply for unlimited changes and applies for all International and Domestic routes.

Under the new ‘Economy Fares Family’, passengers will have the opportunity to select from a range of options tailored for their needs. This handy table of the fare structure summarises the changes:

Fare Category Super Saver Value Flexi
International (excluding Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Uzbekistan & Saudi Arabia)
Baggage Allowance 0 Kg 20 Kgs 30 Kgs
Domestic & Asean
Baggage Allowance 0 Kg 10 Kgs 20 Kgs
Added Benefit for all International & Domestic Routes
Flight / Date Change Permitted with

Change Fee and Fare Difference.

FREE ONE TIME with Fare Difference. Additional Changes with Change Fee and Fare Difference. FREE UNLIMITED Changes with Fare Difference.

In announcing the changes, Batik Air CEO, Chandran Rama Muthy noted that with the rollout of the new Economy Fares Family across all its routes, the airline offers affordability and convenience and enables travellers to make environmentally responsible choices.

He added:

…. As part of our eco-conscious initiatives, we encourage our passengers to travel light to support reduction of carbon emissions and thereby contribute to a more sustainable future.

For further information and to stay updated on Batik Air’s latest products and service offerings, please visit the Batik Air Malaysia website.

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