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Malaysian airlines look after your luggage, but LATAM’s best!

July 3, 20242 minute read
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Two Malaysian airlines make the top fifteen of the 71 airlines currently listed on a new site to see which airlines lose the least luggage. And because they’re both there, they get Malaysia a ranking of 6th best. At the moment, anyway. It’s a dynamic site, as the chap who came up with the idea explains that he uses “robot scrapers (to) scour the internet 24/7 for people talking about their lost luggage and which airlines they flew, in 100+ different languages.” 

Of course, like all data, it can tell you many things apart from who’s losing the least (LATAM Brazil) and the most (Air India with a score of 1 in 41 or 2.42%), but as it does rely on numbers complaining, it could suggest as well, that Brazilians complain the least and Air India passengers make the most noise.  Then again, while I’ve been writing this, Scoot, Singapore Airlines’ low cost carrier, has knocked LATAM off its perch with a score of 1 lost bag in 4,297 (0.02%), while Scoot’s parent is languishing somewhere in the middle of the pack. Qantas is doing better for now with 1 lost bag in 594 (0.17%). And how are the two aforementioned Malaysian airlines doing? Malaysia Airlines is currently sitting pretty in 5th best place with one bag lost in 2,738 (0.02%) and AirAsia 12th best with one in 1,402 (0.07%).

You can follow the creator on X @ @levelsio but hopefully you won’t be complaining to him about your lost luggage and it will always arrive with you at your destination.

A couple of tips to remember:

Make sure your bag is easy to identify so it’s not accidentally taken by someone else. Even if it’s a colourful locking strap, it helps.

Make sure your bag tag is properly fixed in place and will stay there.

Don’t forget your travel insurance! It might cost more now, post covid, but if your luggage really keeps going round the world without you, it’s better than nothing.

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