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Singapore Airlines offers Medical Travel Companions

September 22, 20152 minute read
fly with a carer

Now, this one is probably not for the regular budget traveller, it is being touted as a premium service and it doesn’t come cheap.

However, not everyone is in the happy position of having both the opportunity (time) to travel and the health to be able to try many different places and methods of getting around.

With the current ease of career and retirement mobility allowing people to move, work or retire far from their home bases, the need to maintain family ties is made more challenging by distance. What more if you’d like your parents to come and visit, but they have a condition that requires them to fly with a carer.

Or you are a single person wishing to travel, but have mobility issues? Perhaps you have a child who needs a lot of support (examples could include autism or a mobility issue). Should you forget that dream holiday because it would all be too hard?

Or maybe you read our story about Flying with Dementia and wondered how you could access such a service.

Singapore Airlines has recently teamed up with the Australian Adelaide based company Medical Travel Companions to offer travel nannies, nurses and paramedics who can travel with you and give the support you need, whether it is confined to the flight or more. The Singapore Airlines website says this is a fully flexible service with the ability to tailor a solution to suit everyone’s needs. Having access to a carer (you can select the level of assistance you require from a nanny or carer to a doctor) may give you the freedom you and your loved ones require to get the most out of your travel experience.

Bookings can be made either through the Singapore Airlines link or via Medical Travel Companions.

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