taking medication when travelling

Taking medication when travelling

by Lesleyon October 12, 2016
Taking medication when travelling can present a range of challenges. Here are our ten top tips to help you.

Staying safe – 5 top travel tips

by Lesleyon July 5, 2016
When you travel, you still need to consider personal safety, we've come up with a few tips to help.

6 travel health tips for Marathon glory

by Lesleyon April 14, 2016
Not all participants in foot races are professional runners. If you love to combine travel and competition, we have a few pointers to help you stay fit and healthy and enjoy your run and the holiday.

animal bite

Did a monkey bite you?

by Lesleyon September 29, 2015
We talk to someone who was bitten by a monkey and the steps she took to ensure she stayed healthy.

fly with a carer

Singapore Airlines offers Medical Travel Companions

by Lesleyon September 22, 2015
This new service allows mobility to those otherwise unable to travel, making it possible to fly with a carer.


Travel vaccinations

by Cameronon August 17, 2015
Travel authorities often recommend and sometimes require travel vaccinations. We've put together a small list of links to get you started and questions to ask yourself and your doctor.

travelling during pregnancy

Travelling during pregnancy

by Lesleyon July 27, 2015
If you're planning a trip and you're pregnant, how do you find an airline that will take you? What else might be helpful to know? We have a few ideas to help.

flying with dementia

Flying with dementia or memory problems

by Lesleyon June 29, 2015
Are you or someone you love, a person with dementia, or a carer of such a person? If you still enjoy travelling, we have a few tips to make it a little easier.