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Refunds and credits progress in Malaysia

June 14, 20223 minute read
Refunds and credits

Like many other residents of Malaysia, this writer, as well as others outside who were holding or booked tickets with Malaysian based airlines since March 2020, we are pleased to see they are slowly returning to the skies. Likewise, we’ve had concerns that we may never see our money back, or the promised flights.  The airlines are making refunds and credits progress, although available flights are still well below pre-pandemic levels.

Refunds and credits progress

In a recent article, we looked at the various airlines, along with a number of non-Malaysian carriers, to see how they’re progressing in this area.

Malindo Air (Now rebranded as Batik Air) have not recently updated their refund and credits processes, but their FAQ page does have this handy information, along with contact details.

Passengers have the option of requesting for a Full Refund in terms of Travel Voucher, OR the option to change their flights within 6 months with the applicable Fare Differences and Change Fee waived. Please check the following link: COVID19-Refund-Policy Please contact our Call Center at +603 7841 5388 which is operating daily from 9am to 5pm.
There is also a form which allows you to contact them by email.

Malaysia Airlines has updated their ‘Travel Flexibility’ link on 27th May 2022, offering

  • Rebook by 31 December 2022 for travel to be completed by 15 January 2023
    • (previously rebook by 30th June 2022)
  • If you prefer to change or convert your ticket to a travel voucher/open ticket, you will need to submit your requests through their online Assistance Request form.
    • We did try this, but after several months, the reply email did not offer an open ticket, but a credit voucher was applied unilaterally.

AirAsia has, through AirAsia Aviation Group Limited (AAAGL), the aviation arm of Capital A Group, has issued a number of statements updating customers on their refunds and credits status. This is of particular interest to customers holding bookings with their international airlines, which have been unable to fly during most of the past two years due to border closures.

….. AAAGL airlines have already finalised over 99% of all customer queries and will work towards progressively settling the final 0.8% in the coming months. The two medium to long haul affiliate airlines AirAsia X (AAX) and Thai AirAsia X (TAAX) also have firm plans in place to compensate all guests affected by the unprecedented flight disruptions over the past two years due to Covid-19, within the coming months.

Capital A Group CEO Tony Fernandes also noted that they are also paying AirAsia X customers back their outstanding credit, with travel vouchers equivalent to the amount owed. We’re pleased to report that we received our travel vouchers by email about two weeks ago, for the full value of what we paid for our Unlimited Pass at the start of 2022. Unfortunately, it’s no longer an Unlimited Pass, just the equivalent value.

While we’re smiling that we received our money back, there are still only three routes operating, (to SydneySeoul and New Delhi), although more are due to be announced soon. You might also want to check out the new pricing for ancillaries (baggage, seats selection and other fees) which all seem to be somewhat higher than they were prior to the pandemic. This fees and charges list covers all airlines in the Group, so select the one you want for the details.

Happy Travelling!

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