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Qantas 747 flies last journey, this time to the desert.

July 31, 201749 second read

Qantas flight QFA73 took off from Sydney just after 1pm local time this afternoon, 30th June. The aircraft used, a Boeing 747-438, with registration VH-OJM is on its final commercial flight before heading for its final resting place in the Mojave Desert. It’s expected arrival in San Francisco, in about an hour or so (at the time of writing), should be around 9am local time.

Traditional goodbye for VH-OJM

The aircraft will be greeted by the traditional water salute offered to first and last flights. Members of the crew will feel a sense of sadness if they’ve been on board many times.

VH-OJM entered service in September 1991 and has been the oldest member of the Qantas 747 fleet still in service. Its retirement will leave only ten of the aircraft still flying the Kangaroo tail. VH-OJM carried the name Gosford, a city on the Central Coast of New South Wales, just north of Sydney.

Follow the last flight on FlightRadar 24.

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