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Cathay Pacific's last B747

Cathay Pacific phases out Jumbo fleet

by Lesleyon September 30, 2016
Cathay Pacific's last B 747 takes to the skies later this afternoon for it's final commercial trip.

Malaysia Airlines recommissions B747-400 in original livery

by Lesleyon April 6, 2016
Watch out for the Malaysia Airlines retro liveried B747, flying the domestic skies.

QANTAS donates historic B747 to Aviation Museum

by Lesleyon January 29, 2015
When the first Qantas Jumbo Jet, the Boeing 747-238B went into service in September 1971, it attracted crowds of Australians eager to have a look at this new aircraft that could carry many more people that its predecessors. When fares started to drop in line with the increase in the number of seats available, the era […]

Best economy seat on a Qantas 747

by Brianon November 30, 2013
Upcoming economy class trip on a Qantas 747? These aircraft feature on medium- to long-range sectors to LA, Dallas Fort-Worth, Narita, Singapore and Johannesburg, and we can help you when it comes to selecting the best economy seat.