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Hello Roaming is having a Flash Sale

June 28, 201651 second read
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Hello Roaming flash saleBefore a recent trip to Australia, we decided to give Hello Roaming a try for a SIM card we could have in our hand before we left. Having had problems on previous trips where we had to search for a place to purchase a card, not always knowing which was the best, this looked like a good option as you can check the different cards they have available and make your choice after considering the options.

A write-up and review of our experience includes a comparison of the different cards available.

Flash Sale

If you’re travelling in the latter part of 2016, this may be a good time to give them a try, while saving a decent amount at the same time. We found that the MYR105 we paid for our 28 day Telstra Card in March was the equivalent of what we’d have paid when we arrived, without the hassle of having to find a Telstra shop. So it you can get your SIM card early and save at the same time……


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