Take your wi-fi with you

by Lesleyon November 15, 2018
The latest ideas for taking your data with you - pocket wifi, portable hotspots.

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Hello Roaming is having a Flash Sale

by Lesleyon June 28, 2016
Keeping in touch when you're away can be a problem. The easiest way to stay connected is often to get a local SIM card even if you just want to use the data. Here's a place where you can have a SIM delivered to you before you go, without paying 'an arm and a leg'.

Malaysia Airlines introduces MHsim

by Lesleyon February 23, 2016
Passengers booked on Malaysian Airlines flights are being offered a Free MH SIM card, which allows you to receive and make calls in your preferred currency.

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Get your overseas SIM before you travel

by Lesleyon January 12, 2016
We've found a new way to purchase a local SIM card when you travel. We're currently testing this and 'so far so good'. Check the story to see the thoughtful addition.

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6 ways to roam and save when you travel

by Lesleyon October 4, 2015
You have a growing number of options to stay connected when you travel. We've checked out a few of them here with benefits and cautions.