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Hello Roaming is having a Flash Sale

by Lesleyon June 28, 2016
Keeping in touch when you're away can be a problem. The easiest way to stay connected is often to get a local SIM card even if you just want to use the data. Here's a place where you can have a SIM delivered to you before you go, without paying 'an arm and a leg'.

Malaysia Airlines introduces MHsim

by Lesleyon February 23, 2016
Passengers booked on Malaysian Airlines flights are being offered a Free MH SIM card, which allows you to receive and make calls in your preferred currency.

data roaming

Get your overseas SIM before you travel

by Lesleyon January 12, 2016
We've found a new way to purchase a local SIM card when you travel. We're currently testing this and 'so far so good'. Check the story to see the thoughtful addition.

data roaming

6 ways to roam and save when you travel

by Lesleyon October 4, 2015
You have a growing number of options to stay connected when you travel. We've checked out a few of them here with benefits and cautions.