New Camera strap designed to cut back strain

by Lesleyon July 19, 2016
Camera Lift Strap looks like a simple but effective way of reducing neck and back strain caused by carrying a heavy camera.

Travel in comfort – 3 tips to dress for your destination

by Lesleyon July 12, 2016
When you dress for your destination you can also save space and weight by packing what you actually need for your trip.

data roaming

Hello Roaming is having a Flash Sale

by Lesleyon June 28, 2016
Keeping in touch when you're away can be a problem. The easiest way to stay connected is often to get a local SIM card even if you just want to use the data. Here's a place where you can have a SIM delivered to you before you go, without paying 'an arm and a leg'.

10 must have items

10 must have items when travelling, plus a few

by Lesleyon March 3, 2016
You probably have a different list, or maybe some of the same. Here's a useful starting place to build up your own 'must takes'.


ProGo aims to revolutionise the Carry-on Backpack market

by Lesleyon January 10, 2016
This is the latest revolutionary carry-on bag that is a backpack and can be your camera carry-bag as well.

travel jacket

Need a travel jacket? Enter Baubax

by Lesleyon October 19, 2015
Would you want to sleep with your sunglasses, phone, iPad, a portable charger and sundry pens etc in your jacket? This travel jacket will let you do just that and more.

cool hand carry luggage

Take a Barracuda with you when you travel

by Lesleyon October 18, 2015
No, not a fish. This is a really cool innovative piece of luggage that ticks most of the boxes.

trip to China

5 things to know before you go – China

by Lesleyon September 3, 2015
A visit to China can be the visit of a lifetime, but if you think it will be just like home, regardless of where you come from, think again.