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Gatwick Airport introduces world first ‘GatwickConnects’

September 25, 20152 minute read

One of the biggest concerns for passengers connecting low-cost fares is that they will lose the next leg of their flight if they miss the cut-off time because of delays on the first leg. If the flights have been booked separately they stand to lose because low-cost flights are sold point to point and airlines generally offer no protection for what happens once travellers arrive at their destination. Passengers have no protection if their flight is re-scheduled or delayed, affecting their ability to connect with their next flight.

Gatwick Airport is the UK’s second largest airport, with UK’s largest route network, 11 UK regional points and 190 international destinations and is a major hub for many travellers making connections within and out of the UK.

GatwickConnects booking service

GatwickConnects is presenting itself as a service that will offer customers greater choice and value when they are using connecting flights and they aim to :

  •  enable connecting flights between low cost and full service airlines to be booked in a single transaction – as well as giving peace of mind if a flight doesn’t operate to schedule
  • offer the opportunity for air travellers to save money travelling from UK, with better connections

GatwickConnects booking service will enable connecting flights on participating airlines to be booked in one transaction with passengers assured that Gatwick will look after customers if flights don’t operate as planned.  GatwickConnects leads the way for airports to take the initiative in facilitating bookings and safeguarding connections. GatwickConnects routes can be found when booking through Skyscanner and Dohop.

Image credit © GatwickAirport

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