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Flying to Bali – disruptions from the volcanic eruption

July 9, 20152 minute read
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Find out the latest information on how to check what’s happening. This will help regardless of which volcano is playing up, or if you’re affected by a different issue such as wild weather like typhoons etc.

September/October 2017 – Please check with your airline to see if your flights are affected by the current situation with Mt Agung experiencing internal rumblings. Many of the links in this story will go to updated airline links.

UPDATES August 2015: – see the latest HERE

We have continued to update the status since this was first posted in early July, check our link above for the updates.

Please check your flight status with your airline.

Affected airlines

The eruption of volcano Mount Raung in Indonesia has caused disruption to a number of flights into Bali recently. If you’re travelling to Bali this July, it might be a good idea to ensure that your flight is available or if it’s been delayed or cancelled.

Thus far, the only apparent cancellations are flights from Australia on Jetstar and Virgin Australia.

Use our link for more information on Jetstar flights, including other options the airline has for you.

If you want information on Virgin Australia flights, they provide links to the latest information and an Australian number to call.

Denpasar Airport Departures is reporting normal departures at the time of writing.

Other airlines:

AirAsia has advised us that there are currently no disruptions to their Bali flights, but if there are, they will communicate directly with the passengers concerned. Check your flight status HERE.

Singapore Airlines is reporting no disruptions, but you can check your flight status HERE. Likewise, if you have a MalaysiaAirlines flight booked, you can check your status HERE.

Garuda Airlines does not have any information on its website regarding the closure of the airport.

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