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COVID-19 travel declaration for International arrivals

July 19, 20214 minute read
COVID-19 travel declaration

As countries around the world ramp up vaccination of their residents and contemplate the opening of borders, the question of COVID-19 travel declaration for International arrivals arises. Some countries did not close their borders at all, some have had selective or on/off closures and some remain firmly shut. There has been considerable discussion about the pros and cons of a formal digital vaccination passport, with some countries/airlines developing working examples. Some are based on the International Air Transport Association (IATA) travel pass, or work with it.

If you’re familiar with the old pale pink Arrival card, you’ll now receive a similar sized card confirming your covid-19 status. The new ‘Incoming passenger COVID-19 card’ is bright blue. The form will ask all arrivals into Australia if they have had COVID-19 and if they’ve been vaccinated against it. It also requires presentation of a negative Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test result, taken less than 72 hours before departure for Australia.

Australia, despite the borders still being generally closed, has also prepared an online Travel Declaration form for incoming travellers to complete before arrival, to ease entry into the country. Transit passengers will also need to complete a declaration.

Making your Covid-19 Travel Declaration

COVID-19 travel declaration

The Steps to making your Travel Declaration

Making the declaration is a three step process, whereby you set up your account, enter all your details and manage them for all travel events. The Travel declaration form is on this page. Click the button to set up your account and complete your submission.

Create an account

You must create an account using your email, to submit your Australia Travel Declaration. You will use this account to manage your current and any future declarations in the same location. You must Microsoft Edge, Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox to create your account. Internet Explorer will not work.

Submit your declaration

Every time you travel, you must submit a new declaration, as each declaration is for single use only. It is valid for one flight or journey for the traveller named in the declaration. If you are travelling with your family or in a group, you must make individual declarations for each traveller in the group.

Make sure you have the required information handy for each person travelling: 

  • Your personal details
  • Flight details
  • Results of negative PCR test
  • Details of any COVID-19 vaccination you’ve had.
    • You can find them in your digital certificate as the details are uploaded as each dose is completed.
  • Details of any COVID-19 diagnosis and the test result

The form also asks how many doses you have had for any Covid-19 vaccinations you have had. You must declare the date, location and brand in the required spaces. There are more spaces to complete if you have had either two or three doses (accounting for booster shots) requiring the same information for each.

Once you complete the questionnaire, you will see a summary to check and when satisfied you may submit the declaration. If you need more advice on completing the form, detailed Travel declaration information is on this page. This page has the explanation on how to fill the form and is available in other languages as well as English. 

Manage your declarations

Once your submission is completed, you will receive a confirmation email, with all the required details. This must be shown (either printed or electronically) before you can board your flight and on arrival in Australia. Alternately, you can access it from your account (Link at the top of this page).

Will airlines accept this as a digital passport?

There’s currently no information that we could find, but given that airlines will need to check this information before you are allowed to board a flight to Australian, it should be produced along with any Travel Pass your airline may require.

Go HERE for DFAT covid info. For re-entry and quarantine measures go HERE

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