clean toilet

8 things to look for : find a clean toilet when travelling

by Lesleyon April 4, 2017
A clean toilet is close to the top of the list when travelling. We identify some of the types we've found and give tips to finding the best.

Staying safe – 5 top travel tips

by Lesleyon July 5, 2016
When you travel, you still need to consider personal safety, we've come up with a few tips to help.

6 travel health tips for Marathon glory

by Lesleyon April 14, 2016
Not all participants in foot races are professional runners. If you love to combine travel and competition, we have a few pointers to help you stay fit and healthy and enjoy your run and the holiday.

Qantas safety video

Qantas’ new safety video showcases Australia

by Lesleyon January 28, 2016
The New Qantas Safety Video goes live on Qantas aircraft in February 2016. Get a sneak preview here.

lithium batteries, battery powered

Can I carry this in my luggage? Batteries

by Lesleyon December 16, 2015
** UPDATE on Hoverboards, electronic cigarettes and exploding mobile phones. Latest info on taking them along. We carry so many electronic devices these days that it's useful to be sure we can carry them on board with us, or even take them in our checked baggage.

trip to China

5 things to know before you go – China

by Lesleyon September 3, 2015
A visit to China can be the visit of a lifetime, but if you think it will be just like home, regardless of where you come from, think again.