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Phuket Airport,fully vaxxed

Fully vaxxed, where to travel first?

by Lesleyon October 15, 2021
First condition for travel to most countries these days, is that only fully vaxxed travellers will be allowed, both on airlines and at border control.
Quarantine-free travel lane

Quarantine-free travel lane eases Singapore entry

by Lesleyon October 10, 2021
Quarantine-free travel lane eases Singapore entry for fully vaccinated travellers (VTL), with expansion of countries from 19 October 2021.
ready to fly,fully-vaccinated passengers

AirAsia to fly only fully-vaccinated passengers

by Lesleyon October 7, 2021
Only fully-vaccinated passengers can fly on AirAsia or accompany partially or unvaccinated minors, effective immediately for safety reasons.

airasia travelmall, AirAsia Langkawi duty free

AirAsia Langkawi duty free gets a travel bubble boost

by Lesleyon September 15, 2021
Get your suitcases out and have your vaccination certificates ready to enjoy AirAsia Langkawi duty free shops, geoparks, beaches and sights.
Langkawi offers

Langkawi offers aplenty from AirAsia

by Lesleyon September 11, 2021
Langkawi offers aplenty from AirAsia to find your relaxing break in the new travel bubble specially for the fully vaccinated.
ready to fly

Ready to fly? AirAsia is travel ready

by Lesleyon August 26, 2021
Dust off your suitcases and get ready to fly again. AirAsia has been busy updating systems, maintaining aircraft and vaccinating staff.

cabin crew vaccinated, be rewarded,Fake Malaysia Airlines website

Malaysia Airlines’ pilots and cabin crew vaccinated

by Lesleyon August 20, 2021
All Malaysia Airlines operating pilots & cabin crew have been vaccinated against Covid-19 following a company wide programme.

Vaccination the key to post-covid travel

by Lesleyon August 3, 2021
Vaccination is the key to post-covid travel and airlines like AirAsia are doing their bit to ensure their staff are well prepared to meet pent-up demand.