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April opening for Malaysia’s international borders

March 9, 20223 minute read
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After two years, Malaysia’s international borders reopen to all travellers from 1st April 2022, as the country enters their “Transition to Endemicity”. The decision was made following a meeting between the Ministry of Health and other ministries and agencies on reopening the borders on 26th February 2022. The decision  considered both the latest Covid-19 data and the border reopening status of other countries.

This move will help revive the country’s economy, especially the tourism industry that has been badly affected by the pandemic.

Malaysia’s international borders reopen

There are three main points in the announcement. Further details have been released on 19th March.

  • Malaysian citizens holding valid travel documents can exit and re-enter the country as normal, to go to any country with open borders.
    • The announcement did not address the issue affecting the many Malaysians overseas who have been unable to renew their passports.
  • All foreigners with valid travel documents can freely travel in and out of Malaysia,
  • No need to apply for MyTravelPass, which will be abolished.

All travellers must

  • activate MySejahtera tracing app
    • This is a free download, we suggest you do this before arrival
    • It is available in Bahasa Malaysia and English
  • complete the Pre-Departure Form using the Traveller option in MySejahtera.

Vaccination status matters

All travellers who are fully-vaccinated with two doses of COVID-19 vaccine are no longer required to undergo quarantine.

Travellers must:

  • show a negative RT-PCR test taken within 2 days before departure
  • undergo a professionally-administered RTK-Ag test within 24 hours of arrival in Malaysia
    • The results must be reported via MySejahtera.

For travellers who have not been fully vaccinated, entry procedures will be announced by the Malaysian Health Minister on 9th March.

VTL programmes

Travellers who wish to visit countries which have not completely opened their borders, may do so under the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) programme where this is available. The VTL scheme is currently limited to Singapore, with three more VTL schemes soon to be implemented:

  • Malaysia-Thailand VTL
  • Malaysia-Brunei VTL
  • Malaysia-Indonesia

Malaysia is currently holding discussions with Thailand, Brunei and Indonesia regarding implementing or expanding VTL arrangements. Bali has recently reopened to fully vaccinated travellers and is trialing no-quarantine entry.

Malaysia’s borders have been shut since March 2020, but vaccination has been well accepted, with almost 98% of Malaysia’s adult population fully vaccinated. More than half have also received booster shots.

Changes to SOP within Malaysia

In conjunction with the opening of international borders, there will be easing of restrictions within the country, also implemented from 1st April.

  • Eateries are allowed to operate past midnight, based on their permits.
    • The 24 hour Mamak shop should be back soon
  • Social distancing requirements for religious events dropped.
    • There may be some modifications by specific authorities
  • 50 percent capacity limit for event venues dropped
    • social distancing is still mandatory.
  • Vaccination is no longer a requirement for
    • inter-state travel
    • calculating maximum capacity at workplaces.
  • Wearing a mask outside your home will still be required
  • Use of the MySejahtera application’s check-in function will be continued

Watch the full Announcement HERE.

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