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Airbnb Community Commitment kicks in

October 31, 20163 minute read
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AirBnB is sending out emails to their community members about the Airbnb Community Commitment due to kick in from 1st November 2016. Following up on efforts begun earlier this year to ensure a culture that does not favour bias or discrimination in the  Airbnb community, hosts and guests are now being asked to formally agree to the Commitment.

Airbnb Community Commitment on Discrimination and Belonging

As all members of the Airbnb Community will be required to agree to the Commitment, the emails and website state the commitment as:

You commit to treat everyone—regardless of race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or age—with respect, and without judgment or bias.

To find out more about the Commitment, the requirements and responsibilities, the Airbnb has included a helpful FAQ page on their website.

As an example they explain how the policy will work for a host who has had bad experiences with guests from a certain country. The suggested response is to engage the guest by “exchanging messages with all of your upcoming guests to clarify house rules and set expectations.”

Basically, the house rules should be made clear as this will also help to self-select out guests who aren’t a match. Clarify if there are steps / lift, local laws that apply or pet restrictions.

For guests who feel they may have been discriminated against, they may follow up using a form on the link to allow you to start the process.

If I don’t agree?

For both hosts and guests who don’t agree to the commitment, which will appear on the Airbnb website on or after 1st November, you won’t be able to host or book using Airbnb and will have the option of cancelling your account. This means you can browse the website, but not host guests or make any reservations.

Be a good host, be a good guest

Wherever you stay, remember the ground rules – whether you stay in a hotel, hostel or Airbnb, treat your accommodation as you do your own home. Guests with Airbnb build up a good profile by behaving themselves and following the house rules, which raises your chances of being accepted for your next stay.

As a host, make sure your house guidelines are clear and if you’re unsure, follow the advice above and contact the prospective guest before you agree, through the internal Airbnb system.

Remember – both hosts and guests may make a review after the stay, which builds up your profile and indicates to the ‘other side’ whether you are a good guest or host.

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