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So you want to try the Airbus A380 – here’s how to find one

April 14, 20172 minute read
Australia to London, Malaysia Airlines,WhatsApp

Would you like to fly on a particular aircraft – say the Airbus A380, but want to check which airline flies them, and on which routes? It’s a pretty exclusive club – only thirteen airlines fly this beautiful bird. All are from either Europe, Asia/Pacific or the Middle East.Fortunately, the manufacturer helps you out by having a special website dedicated to the Airbus A380.

Of the thirteen airlines flying the Airbus A380, three are European airlines, with another three from the Middle East. The remaining seven airlines all call Asia or Australia home. All of the airlines have differing interior spaces, particularly at the ‘pointy end’. So it’s worth comparing each airline, especially if you have a choice of airline on your preferred route.

European Airlines

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Asia/Pacific Airlines

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