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Turn your ‘out of office’ message into a travel journal

September 16, 20162 minute read
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Qantas Out Of Office is the new service from Qantas that will let you make everyone who sends you an email in your absence from the office, want to be ‘out of the office’ too. The message lets you use Instagram show off your holiday snaps and simultaneously transform your generic ‘out of office’ auto email reply into a real-time photographic travel journal.

How does it work?

Qantas Out of Office connects your email address and Instagram to update your auto reply message with holiday Instagram photos that you’ve tagged #qantasoutofoffice.

To set it up:
  • go to Qantas Out of Office
  • connect your Instagram account and email address
  • enter the dates you’ll be out of the office, where you’re travelling to and a simple message

The application will only feature those photos you’ve tagged with #qantasoutofoffice, so you can control the photos in your auto reply message. The service also works with private Instagram accounts.

Who can use it?

Qantas Out of Office is available worldwide to anyone with Hotmail and Gmail accounts, including other domains using the Gmail inbox.

For those using the Outlook desktop application, the auto reply message will provide a link that takes recipients to a webpage collection of their Instagrammed holiday photos.

Watch the video clip below which shows you how to activate and use your Qantas Out of Office.

Qantas, of course, hopes your happy snaps will inspire others to travel. We know you just want to share the joy!

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