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Travel to France – Air Traffic Controller strike

June 29, 201651 second read
EU travel access, Covid-cancelled flight claim

Traffic operations at French airports are being seriously affected by an Air Traffic Controllers strike on 28th June 2016. This action follows earlier industrial action that has disrupted travel plans over the past weeks and seems to be set to continue to affect flights for some time.

If you are travelling in Europe

  • Check with your airline for updated information if your flight may be affected.
  • Your flight may be cancelled, rescheduled or re-routed.
  • Flights which have been re-routed may also cause scheduling effects in countries where they have been sent.

A few useful links:

Air France has updated information on the current situation and presents various options for affected travellers.

Ryanair provides information on closures, flight cancellations and information for holidaymakers on Tours.

Aer Lingus has cancelled a number of flights – check your options.

British Airways have information on the Industrial Action and passenger options as well as a link to check your flight status.

KLM have a comprehensive ‘Ask Me’ at the bottom of their homepage, or check your flight status.

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