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Malindo Air adds extra domestic flights for Hari Raya

June 30, 20162 minute read
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In response to customer demand, Malindo Air has added extra flights to their domestic routes using their ATR72 aircraft operating out of Subang Skypark (Lapangan Terbang Sultan Aziz Shah, SZB) over the upcoming holiday period.

This will add one extra flight daily to Kota Bharu (KBR), Alor Setar (AOR), Langkawi (LGK), Kuala Terengganu (TGG) and Ipoh (IPH) with additional services between Ipoh (IPH) / Johor Bahru (JHB) and Melaka (MKZ)-Penang (PEN).

The additional services have made an extra 15,000 seats available over the festive period and tickets may be booked online, or by calling +603-7841 5388 between 7am and 11pm daily.

Malindo Air extra flight services for Hari Raya from 4th – 17th July 2016

Sector Flight No. ETD ETA Added Frequency
SZB-KBR OD7234 19:00 (7pm) 20:05 (8.05pm) Daily
KBR-SZB OD7235 20:30 (8.30pm) 21:35 (9.35pm) Daily
SZB-KBR OD7236 08:30 (8.30am) 09:35 (9.35am) Daily
KBR-SZB OD7237 10:00 (10am) 11:05 (11.05am) Daily
SZB-AOR OD7502 14:40 (2.40pm) 15:50 (3.50pm) Daily
AOR-SZB OD7501 16:15 (4.15pm) 17:25 (5.25pm) Daily
SZB-LGK OD7402 11:30 (11.30am) 12:40 (12.40pm) Daily
LGK-SZB OD7401 13:00 (1pm) 14:10 (2.10pm) Daily
SZB-TGG OD7802 16:00 (4pm) 17:05 (5.05pm) Daily
TGG-SZB OD7801 17:30 ((5.30pm) 18:35 (6.35pm) Daily
SZB-TGG OD7804 14:50 (2.50pm) 15:55 (3.55pm) Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
TGG-SZB OD7803 16:15 (4.15pm) 17:20 (5.20pm) Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
SZB-JHB OD1219 09:30 (9.30am) 10:30 (10.30am) Daily
JHB-SZB OD1220 14:20 (2.20pm) 15:20 (3.20pm) Daily
JHB-IPH OD1324 11:00 (11am) 12:20 (12.20pm) Daily
IPH-JHB OD1325 12:40 (12.40pm) 14:00 (2pm) Daily
PEN-MKZ OD1330 10:10 (10.10am) 11:30 (11.30am) Daily
MKZ-PEN OD1331 11:50 (11.50am) 13:10 (1.10pm) Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
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