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Thailand mutes Songkran Festival 2022

March 29, 20222 minute read
Songkran Festival

The Thai government will extend the Covid-19 emergency degree, due to end on March 31, by two months, until 31st May. This may affect the celebration of the Songkran Festival,  the Thai New Year’s national holiday. Songkran falls on 13 April every year, the first day of a three holiday until 15 April. This was extended in 2018 to five days from 12th –16th April, making it easier for citizens to travel home for the holiday.

Songkran Festival 2022

The extension of  the emergency decree allows health authorities to control the spreading of Covid-19 using various SOP (Standard Operating Procedures).

These SOP include:

The measures are as follow:

  • Vaccinated people may travel between provinces between 13th and 17th April to visit their families during Songkran holidays.
  • People in risk groups or those showing Covid-19 type symptoms similar should self-test using ATK test 72 hours before travelling or joining Songkran activities.
  • All Songkran activities must be organised in designated areas. Activities will be approved by the provincial communicable disease committee, strictly following Covid Free Setting SOPs.
  • Water splashing, face-powder daubing, and foam parties are prohibited in public areas.
  • Selling or drinking alcohol is prohibited in Songkran activity areas.

So if you’re a visitor to Thailand, unless you’re specifically invited to a private celebration, it will be a quiet affair in 2022.

For more information on Thailand’s entry requirements, check out our story HERE.

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