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SIA and SilkAir transit flights through Singapore

June 12, 20204 minute read
transit flights through Singapore,Singapore Changi Airport

Passengers flying Singapore Airlines Group airlines to destinations other than Singapore, can now transit flights through Singapore Changi Airport. Currently open only to SIA, SilkAir or Scoot flights from selected cities in Australia and New Zealand, to any destination in the SIA Group network, the option is available effective 11th June 2020.

This follows the easing of controls associated with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Transit flights through Singapore

There are conditions attached to the relaxation, with limited flights available. As border controls in other countries are relaxed, it is expected that appropriate changes will be made.

The first things to note are:

  • Transit flights are only for outbound journeys from selected cities in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Passengers will not be able to transit from other points in the SIA Group network through Singapore into these cities.
    • one way journeys only

The cities are:


  • Adelaide
  • Brisbane
  • Melbourne
  • Perth (Scoot)
  • Sydney

New Zealand

  • Auckland
  • Christchurch

Customers must confirm that they meet the entry requirements for their final destination.

  • Transfers are only allowed on flights between airlines within the SIA Group
    • Singapore Airlines, SilkAir and Scoot
    • Transfers to and from flights operated by other airlines are currently not permitted.
  • Check the latest Singapore Airlines and SilkAir flight schedules here.
    • For Scoot flight schedules click here.

Regulatory requirements ensure transit and non-transit passengers will be kept apart at Changi Airport. This ensures the health and safety of customers and staff.For more information on the transit journey, please visit this link.

Seat Selection

Please note that regulatory requirements will impact seat selection:

  • Limited or no seat selection during the booking phase.
    • Advance pre-paid seat select icon has been temporarily suspended for new bookings.
  • Some customers may have their seats reassigned closer to the departure date.
    • Passengers with prepaid seats reassigned to a different seat will have their payment refunded.
    • Customers will receive an email notification once the refund has been processed.
  • Seats will be assigned to passengers who are unable to select one.
    • The confirmed seats will be shown when passengers check in online.
  • Seat selection or changes are unavailable 48 hours before the flight.

During Transit

  • Ground staff will welcome arriving Singapore Airlines and SilkAir customers transiting through Changi Airport.
  • Transit customers will be issued with a wristband
    • This indicates their access to the designated transit holding area.
    • Do not remove the wristband throughout the time you in the transit holding area.
  • If the transit time is less than 75 minutes, customers will be taken directly to their boarding gate.
  • For transit times of more than 75 minutes, passengers will be taken to a designated transit holding area at their departure terminal before boarding their connecting flight.
    • No stops are permitted along the way,
    • you must stay within the transit holding area at all times.
  • Facilities in the transit holding area include
    • food kiosks
    • vending machines
    • restrooms
    • a smoking room
    • a snooze corner
  • Complimentary WiFi is also available.
  • Regulatory requirements do not allow access to the SilverKris Lounge (Business Class) at Changi Airport Terminal 3
    • This affects PPS Club members, Suites, First Class and Business Class transit passengers.
    • They will be provided a premium waiting area in the transit holding area
    • Complimentary food and beverages will be provided at this premium waiting area.
  • All transit hotels at Changi Airport are temporarily closed.
  • Boarding procedure:
    • Transit passengers will be ushered in groups from the transit holding area directly to the boarding gate.
    • They will board the aircraft first, followed by non-transit passengers.

On Board

  • Dedicated seating zones are allocated on board the aircraft to separate transit and non-transit passengers.
    • Passengers must remain in their designated zone throughout the flight.
    • Upon arrival, non-transit passengers will disembark first followed by transit passengers.

Singapore Airlines confirms they are committed to the well-being of their customers and the precautionary measures are to ensure their health and safety throughout their journey. More details can be found here.

For Covid-19 related travel information, please visit SIA’s dedicated Information Centre.

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