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Beware: Fake Malaysia Airlines website

June 12, 20202 minute read
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Just when you thought it’s time to start planning a trip, we’ve received news of a fake Malaysia Airlines website.

Malaysia Airlines has informed customers planning to make flight bookings with the airline to verify that they are on the airline’s URL: to ensure authenticity of the booking site. In Malaysia you may also see “/my/en.html” added to the URL. This identifies the country and language. You should also look for a closed lock symbol to the left of the URL.

The fake website was discovered after a search of “Malaysia Airlines” using Google directed customers to a fake website with incorrect fares. Screenshots of the fake site shows the airline’s table of fares which were not consistent with its own system.

The airline recently announced an increase in its domestic and international connectivity beginning June and July respectively. This will facilitate essential travels locally and overseas as other countries begin to lift border restrictions.

Travellers searching for flights on Malaysia Airlines should book their tickets on Malaysia Airlines’ official website, at the airline’s mobile app or through appointed agents.

Save time at the airport

Save time and hassle:

  • perform online or mobile check-in
    • reduce social interaction
    • avoid the queues at the airport

This is especially important for travellers on domestic and regional routes.

Passengers must check entry and exit requirements before their journey starts as travel restrictions remain in place in most countries.

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