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Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak ice-cream – Really?

August 28, 20203 minute read
Nasi Lemak ice-cream

In conjunction with Merdeka and Malaysia Day celebrations, Santan is partnering with local ice-cream artisan, Crème De La Crème (CDLC) for a limited-time promotion of Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak ice-cream and Pandan Dodol ice-cream. If you’re thinking Nasi Lemak ice-cream is a bit weird, don’t worry. This writer went to check it out for you, see our thoughts at the bottom of the page.

Nasi Lemak ice-cream – Really?

Santan is AirAsia’s inflight food supplier, an important arm of the company. Nasi Lemak is up there as one of Malaysia’s national foods. This collaboration by Malaysians for Malaysians, pairs Santan’s famous Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak sambal with creamy coconut-based ice cream. It comes with its own little packet of crunchy ikan bilis and peanuts. 

If you like coconut ice-cream, pandan and dodol, the three come together perfectly in a sweet and tasty treat. Freshly toasted coconut flakes add aroma and texture to the mix. Both as served as a single scoop size in a screw top tub, so it’s easy to eat-in or as a takeaway.

This August also celebrates Santan brand’s fifth anniversary. Over that time the food has been well received with Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak meal consistently as top seller on board AirAsia flights. This has carried over to the restaurants, with almost 20,000 units sold since their first outlet opened in December 2019.

…. Santan is proud to celebrate Malaysia’s culinary heritage together with local entrepreneur, Crème De La Crème (CDLC) to bring two limited-time only flavours – Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak ice-cream and Pandan Dodol ice-cream. Catherine Goh, Santan General Manager

Crème De La Crème have made their name as a shaker in the ice-cream world. Their imaginative concept and taste of ice cream are revolutionising the idea of dessert. 

….. We are delighted to be partnering Santan as we are fans of their iconic Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak. …….. We cannot wait for all Malaysians to try our two very unique Malaysian flavours! Lio Lim, Managing Director of CDLC

The Verdict!

A single scoop is the perfect size. Unless you have an extremely sweet tooth, you will be well satisfied with these very rich and tasty desserts. The nasi lemak ice-cream is surprisingly a good mix of spicy and sweet. The sambal is just sufficient to give a spicy ‘zing’ without overwhelming the creamy coconut base. Pandan is a flavour used in many Malaysian foods. It matches the coconut ice-cream well and complements the sweet dodol. Again, it’s sweet, but this time that’s expected.

Verdict?  Excellent for both. Rich and tasty, good balance of flavours and just the right amount. We’ll be back before the promotion ends.

Priced at RM8.80, both are available exclusively in a single-serve cup at Santan Mid Valley and Sunway Pyramid outlets. They’re also available as scoops at Crème De La Crème’s Uptown Damansara and Mont Kiara outlets from 28th August 2020.

Nasi Lemak ice-cream
Pak Nassar’s nasi lemak with chicken rendang and the ice-cream.

For more updates on Santan & Crème De La Crème, follow them on Instagram @santan.asean and @mycdlc.

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