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Malindo Air has no 737 MAX aircraft in fleet

March 11, 201936 second read
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Is a statement issued today, Malaysia’s Malindo Air has confirmed that it has no Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in its fleet.

Their statement in full:


Petaling Jaya, 11 March 2019 – Malindo Air has confirmed that the airline does not have any Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in operations currently and will be more diligent in any future plan of aircraft delivery from the MAX family.

The airline’s CEO also expressed his condolences on the tragic Ethiopian Airlines crash on Sunday.

…… Our thoughts and prayers go to those who are affected in the tragedy. Chandran Rama Muthy, Malindo Air CEO

Malindo Air operates a fleet of 42 aircraft which consist of 29 Boeing 737 NG and 13 ATR72-600.

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