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Scoot’s new E190-E2 flights for six SEA destinations

March 7, 20244 minute read
Scoot’s new E190-E2

Scoot, Singapore Airlines’ (SIA) low-cost subsidiary has unveiled the six Southeast Asian destinations to be serviced by its fleet of new Embraer E190-E2 aircraft. These include new destinations Koh Samui and Sibu and existing destinations Hat Yai, Kuantan, Krabi, and Miri in Malaysia and Thailand. Scoot’s new E190-E2 services are expected to begin in May 2024, after the first of nine aircraft is delivered in April from Embraer’s manufacturing facility in São José dos Campos, Brazil.

The new aircraft open the opportunity for Scoot to offer direct connections to and from Singapore, strengthening the SIA Group’s reach and capabilities to non-metro cities across Southeast Asia. In addition, travellers will be able to connect into parent company SIA’s wide network connectivity through their Singapore hub.

Promo Fares for Scoot’s new E190-E2 flights

All-in sale fares for Economy class start from SGD172 to Koh Samui and SGD72 to Sibu, inclusive of taxes with sale of the new E190-E2 flights available for booking via Scoot’s website, mobile app, and other channels. Terms and Conditions apply.

Leslie Thng, Scoot CEO says the airline is delighted to unveil the first six destinations to be helmed by their new Embraer E190-E2s to cities in Malaysia and Thailand, marking a new chapter of growth for Scoot and the SIA Group and a significant step in strengthening their presence and connectivity in the region.

…. Our fleet expansion reflects our confidence that the demand for air travel will continue to grow within this region. We will continue to seek new opportunities and push boundaries, so as to connect our customers to even more destinations at the same great value in the future.

Flight Schedules

*Flight schedules are subject to government and regulatory approvals or changes.

The first E2, nicknamed Explorer 3.0, is expected to arrive in Singapore in April 2024. Explorer 3.0 will take over Scoot’s existing flights to Krabi and Hat Yai from 7th May 2024, increasing flight frequencies to both destinations from 7-times to 10-times weekly. Routes from Singapore to Krabi and Hat Yai are currently deployed on the Airbus A320 aircraft.

Singapore – Krabi

Flight Number Sector Departure Arrival Frequency Commencement Date
TR684 Singapore – Krabi 15:45 (3.45pm) 16:30 (4.30pm) 7x weekly 7th May 2024 onwards
(Inaugural Flight)
TR685 Krabi – Singapore 17:20 (5.20pm) 20:15 (5.15pm) 7x weekly 7th May 2024 onwards (Inaugural Flight)
TR690 Singapore – Krabi 21:40 (9.40pm) 22:30 (10.30pm) 3x weekly (Tue, Thu, Sat) 9 May 2024 onwards
TR691 Krabi –Singapore 23:05(11.05pm) 02:00 (2.00am) 3x weekly (Tue, Thu, Sat) 9 May 2024 onwards
  • All times are local, the time in Singapore is 1hr ahead of Thai time.

The second E2, also scheduled for delivery in April 2024 will allow Scoot to operate to four additional cities – Koh Samui, Kuantan, Miri, and Sibu. Daily flights to Koh Samui are due to commence from 13th May 2024, with the frequency progressively increased to twice daily from early June 2024. The addition of the second E2 will also allow Scoot to increase its frequency from 20th May to Miri and from 3rd June to Kuantan from three to four times weekly and to launch 3X weekly flights to Sibu from 5th June 2024. Together with destinations served by Scoot’s existing fleet, the airline will operate 103-times weekly flights to Malaysia and 92-times weekly flights to Thailand by June 2024.

With Koh Samui and Sibu, Scoot’s network will increase to 69 destinations, enhancing the airline’s connectivity in the region while reinforcing Singapore’s position as a regional hub.

Singapore – Hat Yai

Flight Number Sector Departure Arrival Frequency Commencement Date
TR630* Singapore – Hat Yai 21:55 (9.55pm) 22:30 (10.30pm) 3x weekly (Mon, Fri, Sun) 7th May 2024 (Tue) subsequently 10th May 2024 onwards
TR631* Hat Yai –Singapore 23:05 (11.05pm) 02:00 (2.00am) 3x weekly (Mon, Fri, Sun) 7th May 2024 (Tue) subsequently 10th May 2024 onwards
TR632 Singapore – Hat Yai 11:10 (11.10am) 11:50 (11.50am) 7x weekly 8 May – 9 May 2024
TR633 Hat Yai –Singapore 12:25 (12.25pm) 15:00 (3.00pm) 7x weekly 8 May – 9 May 2024
TR632 Singapore – Hat Yai 12:35 (12.35pm) 13:10 (1.10pm) 7x weekly 10 May 2024 onwards
TR633 Hat Yai –Singapore 13:45 (1.45pm) 16:20 (4.20pm) 7x weekly 10 May 2024 onwards

*TR630/631 will commence on 7 May 2024 (Tue) as the first E190-E2 flight for Hat Yai; Flights will operate every Mon/Fri/Sun subsequently

  • Except from 27th May – 2nd Jun where services will operate as Wed/Fri/Sun instead
  • All times are local, the time in Singapore is 1hr ahead of Thai time.

Scoot’s new E190-E2

images supplied ©Scoot

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