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Malaysia Airlines reduces domestic free baggage allowances

July 22, 20182 minute read
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Malaysia Airlines (MAS) is reducing its free baggage allowance for domestic flights from 30kg to 20kg from August 2018. These changes come into effect for flights booked on or after 1st August 2018. The change affects those travelling by Economy class only and is in line with that offered by other full service carriers. Business and First class passenger allowances are unaffected.

Travellers on MAS domestic flights continue to receive complimentary services such as 7kg cabin baggage allowance, meals and in-fight entertainment.

Free baggage allowance – the details

The airline clarified that the reduction will be introduced to ensure continued competitive prices in light of escalating fuel prices. A notice of the revision had been been circulating on social media and some clarification may be necessary:

  • The free baggage allowance revision to 20kg applies to Economy Class passengers travelling on MH Domestic routes only.
  • There is no change in the allowable number of pieces and baggage dimension remains.
  • The free baggage allowance for MASwings remains unchanged.
  • There s no change in entitlement for current Enrich Platinum/Silver/Gold members.

How the changes affect travellers:

  • All Economy Class tickets issued prior to 1st August 2018, will honour the 30kg entitlement stipulated in the ticket.
  • The new free baggage allowance of 20kg will apply to any Economy Class ticket exchange/reissuance from 1st August 2018,
  • For connecting flights (MH International + MH Domestic) in the same ticket, the 30kg baggage allowance will apply for all legs of the journey.
  • Separate international/domestic bookings:
    • Tickets booked separately on International and Domestic routes where the connecting time is more than 24 hours, the individual baggage allowance applies (30kg International, 20kg Domestic)
    • If the connecting time still within 24 hours between the separately booked MH International and MH Domestic routes, the check-in through policy applies and 30kg allowance applies to both legs.
  • If both sectors are on different airlines (e.g. LHR-KUL on BA and KUL-LGK on MH), the Most Significant Carrier baggage policy applies.

For more information, please contact Malaysia Airlines, or your travel agent.

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