Malaysia Airlines: Check-In, Bag Drop, Boarding

by on November 4, 2016

Malaysia Airlines has reinforced closing times for the three most important steps for a passenger to leave on time – Check-In Bag-Drop & Boarding times, as we come to the end of year holiday season. While they have always followed the times, check-in procedures may be complicated by long queues at some airports, so these guidelines are issued as a reminder, to ensure that flights are able to take off on time, with all their passengers.

Check-In Bag-Drop & Boarding – timings and procedures

There are self bag-drop facilities installed at the ends of the Malaysia Airlines Check-in counters in Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). These are expected to be available for use sometime in Q4, 2016. If these are available, make use of them.

Otherwise, you will need to:

  • Perform the self-print baggage tag for all domestic and international flights at check-in kiosks located on the KLIA departure level
  • Self-tag your bags before proceeding to the baggage drop counter
  • Take note of the Closing times for the various stages, which vary depending on the airport and your destination (Domestic or International)
 Area Closing Time KLIA Domestic Airports Int’l  Airports
Closure of Check In Counter Domestic Flights 60 mins 45 mins
International Flights 60 mins 60 mins 60 mins
Closure of Departure Gate Domestic Flights 20 mins 20 mins
International Flights 20 mins 20 mins 20 mins

Malaysia Airlines recommends that passengers should arrive at least two hours prior to departure for domestic travels and three hours for international flights in anticipation of long queues during the check-in and boarding process especially during school holidays and festive seasons.

Even if you prefer to check-in online or by using MHmobile, the queues may still be long as Malaysia Airlines uses the common queue system.

Please note that: Passengers who fail to check-in before the stipulated check-in time will be required to have their tickets reissued. The airline will not be able to accept late check-ins or boarding, to ensure that flights depart on time.

  • Malaysia Airlines’ Economy Class passengers are allowed to check-in a maximum of two pieces of baggage weighing 30kg in total.
  • Passengers are responsible for the contents of their own baggage and must ensure that they do not pack any prohibited goods in their check-in luggage such as lithium batteries, e-cigarettes and power banks.
  • The recently recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is prohibited from being checked-in or carried on-board.
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