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Malaysia Airlines’ pilots and cabin crew vaccinated

August 20, 20212 minute read
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Worried when you fly – are the pilots and cabin crew vaccinated? Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG) has announced a 100% COVID-19 vaccinated status for all its Malaysia Airlines pilots and cabin crew on active roster.

All Operating Pilots & Cabin Crew Vaccinated

MAG implemented a COVID-19 Immunization Policy in July 2021, making it compulsory for all employees to be vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine. The only exemptions were for those with health and medical reasons. Through its participation in the aviation industry vaccination programme at PPVIN-KLIA, the Group accelerated the rate of its Malaysia-based employee vaccination, with 95% currently protected. The State governments of Sabah, Sarawak and the Federal Territory of Labuan have also expedited the provision of vaccines for its East Malaysia-based employees, through the District PPV Programme.

…. As a responsible employer, it is our duty to ensure a safe and healthy working environment to our employees. This latest milestone signifies our commitment to the safety of our people and customers as travel restart and recovery are dependent on achieving a herd immunity community. Passengers Can Now Fly Confidently! Captain Izham Ismail, Group CEO, Malaysia Aviation Group

The vaccination of air crew can provide passengers with the assurance and peace of mind when they choose to travel with any airline in the MAG. The boosting of public confidence in air travel is expected to stimulate the recovery in domestic and international travel demands, positioning Malaysia as a safe destination as the situation eases.

Flying confidently with Malaysia Airlines Group

The vaccination programme for the employees is additional to the enhanced safety and health protocols across multiple touchpoints at airports and onboard. These follow recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization Council of Aviation Recovery Task Force (ICAO CART), to ensure customer and employee safety protection throughout the journey.

Among the measures in place are

  • mandatory usage of face masks
  • frequent aircraft disinfection,
  • early replacement of aircraft HEPA filters
    • to ensure effective cabin air circulation
    • These filters have the capability to filter out 99.97 per cent of microorganisms on board.

Passengers will also receive complimentary hygiene kits containing a non-surgical face mask, a sachet of hand sanitiser and sanitary wipes, hygienically packed in a sealed zip-lock small sized pouch. Book your flights for any of the MAG airlines through their websites, or connect through

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