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Malaysia Airlines does their bit

October 16, 201552 second read
Malaysia Airlines weather

‘Tis the season of Corporate Social Responsibility, we’ve noted how quite a few airlines recently are doing their bit recently to help others less fortunate.

The latest we’ve heard of is from Malaysia Airlines who contributed a pair of Business Class return tickets between Kuala Lumpur and London at the British Malaysian Society, BMS’s charity auction for two organisations, MERCY Malaysia UK and Voice of the Children.

The dinner, which was held at Inner Temple in London, was attended by the President of the British Malaysian Society Sir Mark Moody-Stuart and Lady Stuart as well as more than 60  BMS members and guests. The auction of the tickets and other items raised almost RM 40,000 which will be presented to the two charities.

MERCY Malaysia UK provides medical and humanitarian assistance for vulnerable communities all over the world, during crisis and non-crisis situations. Voice of the Children is  an organisation that promotes children’s rights in Malaysia, particularly advocating law and policy reform to ensure that children are protected and no longer at risk of violation.

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