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Langkawi activities get green light

September 6, 20212 minute read
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With the announcement of a domestic travel bubble for Langkawi by, airlines and travel agents are gearing up to offer some good deals. However, while the Tourism, Arts and Culture Ministry has announced that seven main tourism activities will be allowed in Langkawi in conjunction with its reopening, the corresponding SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) have not yet been made available. So far, we understand that the activities will be allowed as at least 80% of Langkawi have been vaccinated against Covid-19.

Langkawi activities
Stop by the swooping eagle at Dataran Helang

Langkawi activities on offer

Tourism Malaysia has clarified that the tourism activates available will include:

  • Accommodation at hotels and homestays including
    • all facilities within the premises
    • business events such as meetings, incentives, convention and exhibitions
    • cultural events
  • Beach activities including
    • water sports
    • snorkelling and scuba diving
    • tourism fishing,
    • edutainment centres,
    • recreational parks,
    • extreme or adventure sports
    • nature parks, farms, aquarium, zoo
    • other recreational and social activities.
  • Special interest tourism
    • golf
    • scuba diving
    • cycling
    • angling
    • yachting
  • Eco geo-adventure activities
    • camping,
    • hiking,
    • caving,
    • jungle tracking
  • Art, culture and heritage premises including
    • museums,
    • libraries,
    • art galleries,
    • village cultural heritage centres,
    • cultural stage performances
  • Theme parks and family entertainment centres
  • Academic visits to Geopark Discovery Center, Balai Seni and Laman Padi

With the wide range of Langkawi activities to be reopened, it has been announced that other destinations will be allowed to operate when the locality’s vaccination rate hits 80 per cent.

Langkawi activities
The staff are always there to help
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