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Jetstar moves to T4 in Melbourne

November 9, 20152 minute read

If you’re flying into, or out of Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport from Tuesday, 10 November you’ll need to know that that’s the day Jetstar moves its Domestic operations from Terminal 1 to Terminal 4.

That’s at the opposite end of the airport complex from the current terminal. All domestic flights will be affected, except those domestic flights numbered between JQ1 and JQ399, which depart from Terminal 2 the International Terminal in the middle of the airport.

There’s lots that’s different about the new, state of the art terminal.

For starters, it’s a ‘Silent’ Terminal – there won’t be boarding announcements so you have to check the colours on the display board.

Blue means ‘departing within 2 hours’, Green means ‘head for your Boarding Gate’, and Red means ‘Too bad – you’ve missed it’ (Gate Closed).
If you’re colour blind, you’ll just have to read the message within the colour space.

After you use one of the self-service kiosks and drop off your baggage at the automated bag drop, you can go up the escalators to security screening and the central departure lounge.

Once the Green Boarding message shows, that’s when you need to head for your aircraft, make sure you allow time for the walk.

For more information, with arrival info and advice on transport options, the Jetstar BLOG has all the details as does the Jetstar website.

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  1. This is a disaster!. The gates are an enormous walk from the check-in area, longest walk in any Australian airport. There is almost no seating in the gates area – hundreds of people waiting for delayed flightsQantas are having to sit on the floor. And it is now almost impossible for Qantas Club members to use the lounge given it will take at least 20 minutes to walk from the Qantas Club to the T4 Jetstar gates. Thanks for nothing Qantas and Jetstar!!!

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