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Having trouble getting AirAsia Customer Service?

April 2, 20203 minute read
AirAsia Customer Service

Are you having trouble connecting with AirAsia Customer Service? The temporary fleet hibernation which went into effect at the end of March 2020 has caused many flight cancellations. The resulting rush for date changes and ticket cancellations has caused callers a lot of frustration. Even their Virtual Allstar AVA, is having difficulty coping with the volume of requests for assistance. As a first practical suggestion, don’t rush to contact them if your travel dates are far off. This will allow those with more immediate concerns to get their changes made more easily.

AirAsia Customer Service – Official Statement

We hear you

We understand your concerns and frustration with the delay in our customer service and in your experience with our Virtual Allstar AVA, as you navigate your options in light of the global Covid-19 health situation.

We know delays like this can be very unsettling, especially at these trying times, and we appreciate that you have shared your concerns with us.

We’re doing more

Currently, our team and AVA are handling 10 times the normal volume of queries, which is now at about half a million guests on a daily basis. We are working tirelessly, around the clock, to provide assistance to each and every one of you, and would like to thank you for bearing with us.

We are in the process of simplifying the steps for you to follow on AVA to submit your request. We have also provided our guests with a step-by-step guide on interacting with AVA on our social media channels, in hopes of delivering a better communication experience between you and AVA. We would like to highlight that, in the midst of this unprecedented surge in queries and requests, AVA has been able to provide answers to 80 percent of your queries. This frees up our team to be able to assist our guests who have more complex or urgent queries without excessive wait times.

At AirAsia, we are truly guest-obsessed so we’ve also mobilised additional support to our customer service team, including staff from other functions, who have rolled up their sleeves and volunteered to help, so more live agents are available to assist you via our LiveChat, Facebook Messenger, Twitter & WeChat 24/7.

Thank you.

….. To continue to improve the way we support our guests, we’ve mobilised hundreds of additional team members from across AirAsia and are continuing to enhance our technology daily. We’d like to very much thank our guests for their incredible patience and understanding during these unprecedented times. Thank you for your continued support. AirAsia’s Chief Customer Happiness Officer Adam Geneave
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