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Ground Team Red opens digital control centre at klia2

November 13, 20182 minute read
Ground Team Red

Travellers can look forward to a consistently smooth passage through Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (klia2) with the unveiling of Ground Team Red’s control centre for ground handling services. Ground Team Red Sdn Bhd (GTR) is a joint-venture between AirAsia Berhad and Singapore’s SATS Ltd (SATS). 

Traveller benefits

The company has provided a comprehensive range of ground handling services in 18 airports in Malaysia and Singapore since November 2017. These services include guest handling, baggage services, aircraft handling, cargo handling services and security services. They currently handle an average of 475 flights daily.

Travellers should also benefit from this fully digitalised control centre, the first of its kind in Malaysia, as it streamlines back-room operations, as well as passenger services.

GTR can track aircraft handling through collation of real time digital information on

  • passenger boarding,
  • baggage reconciliation and
  • ramp loading activities

These are done via a digital dashboard, targeting an aircraft turnaround of 25 minutes.

Direct passenger benefits are expected through digitalising the operations. Airline personnel will use smartphones to plan the gate boarding process efficiently and accurately. Tracking the gate boarding process in real-time allows them to board passengers smoothly.

The same smartphones will be deployed at the baggage carousel for baggage reconciliation and the e-readback ramp loading system. This provides an organised view of all baggage and cargo loads for the flight and improves safety by ensuring 100% accurate aircraft weight and balance readings for flight planning purposes. The elimination of paper-based Loading Instructions, which are difficult to manage at night and in poor weather conditions, is a positive outcome.

There’s more….

GTR staff will use their handheld devices to automatically clock in for work and receive their flight assignments automatically. This saves time for staff to meet their flights without the need to report to the office.

Another key feature of the control centre is a virtual reality training chamber.

The training chamber has six modules:

  • cargo ramp
  • technical ramp:
    • (lavatory)
    • (water service)
    • (air-conditioning)
    • (ground power unit)
  • aircraft marshalling

These allow ground personnel to simulate real world scenarios and training exercises without the need for aircraft availability.

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