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Cambodia set to end privatisation of Angkor Wat

November 9, 20152 minute read
Privatisation of Angkor Wat

Privatisation of Angkor Wat to End

According to reports carried by mostly Chinese News portals including and, Cambodia’s Prime Minister announced the ending of the privatisation of the UNESCO Heritage listed Angkor Wat temple complex from 2016.

Information Minister Khieu Kanharith has confirmed that that during a weekly cabinet meeting on Friday 6th November 2015, Prime Minister Hun Sen said that Cambodian businessman Sok Kong’s company, Sokimex had returned its right to sell tickets for entering Angkor complex to the government.


This has now happened and from 4th August 2016, Apsara Authority, the government body overseeing the care and management of the Angkor Wat Complex, will enforce a Code of Conduct for visitors to the site.

With the ending of the contract with the private company, which has been in place since 1999, the Cambodian Government will take over control and management of the whole Angkor Wat temple complex, including staff, revenue and expenses. The mechanics of the new arrangement are still being worked out but a state enterprise would be established to continue managing the revenue from selling tickets to foreign tourists visiting the temple.

The Angkor Wat Temple complex, in north-western Siem Reap province, is the kingdom’s most popular tourist destination and a major source of income for the Kingdom.

Currently foreign visitors to Angkor Wat must buy tickets at the entrance to the complex. A one day ticket will cost you US$20, a three day ticket is US$40 and you may purchase a one week ticket for US$60.

US$ are widely accepted in Cambodia and many things are priced in the currency. You will probably be given your change in the local currency Cambodian Riel (KHR).

If you’re visiting Cambodia, and in particular Siem Reap, we have some top tips for you.

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