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British Airways brings the Boeing 787-9 to Kuala Lumpur

July 20, 201547 second read
British Airways 777 taxiing at London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5,cabin crew industrial action

British Airways resumed flights into Kuala Lumpur on 29th May (our story here) and now they’re planning to upgrade their current daily777-200ER flight to the Boeing 787-9 with effect from 5th December 2015, bringing the date forward by just over two weeks.

Other current destinations on which British Airways will be flying the new aircraft include

  • the 5 times a week flights between London Heathrow and Delhi effective 25th October, with one daily service effective 27th March 2016
  • the daily flights London Heathrow – Abu Dhabi – Muscat from 26th October and 
  • daily flights between London Heathrow and Austin from 1st February 2016

The Dreamliner was designed to be quieter and more fuel efficient, with all electrical flight systems. The 787-9 shares a common type rating with the Boeing 777, allowing pilots to fly both aircraft. The stretched 787-9 variant which will be used by British Airways on these routes is 6.1 m longer than the 787-8 and can fly 830 km farther than its predecessor.

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